Monday December 04, 2023

Holly Willoughby shuts down ‘empowering’ rumours with Alison Hammond

It comes after earlier this week Alison hinted she has a new secret boyfriend

By Web Desk
September 21, 2023

In an episode of Thursday's This Morning, Holly Willoughby appeared to challenge the 'empowering' speculations involving Alison Hammond.

Prior to this, body language analyst Darren Stanton had made significant assertions regarding Holly's return to the show after an extended summer hiatus.

Darren picked up on Holly's body language, explaining: "When the pair were standing up and speaking to the camera, Alison had her hands down to her front, while Holly had her hands to the side as well as touching her fingers.

"Alison is quite animated, she comes across as super confident, but when Holly sits next to her on the sofa as they present as a duo, we see Holly tilting herself away to the left. This suggests she finds Alison's presence a bit overpowering. It's a way of saying, 'This is too much for me.'"

However, in Thursday's episode of This Morning, the hosts displayed exuberant energy as they burst into laughter during the Spin to Win prize segment of the program, maintaining their mischievous spirit throughout the show. 

Towards the conclusion of the Spin to Win segment, Alison, aged 48, expressed her discomfort about a hair stuck in her mouth, prompting Holly to lean over and assist her. 

Then, as the game concluded, they switched over to Kate Lawler for the competition, during which Kate humorously exclaimed, "Greetings, you delightful joker!" In response, Alison found it immensely amusing and erupted into laughter, nearly causing Holly to lose her balance in the process.

Holly then couldn't contain her giggles as she was almost knocked off her feet.

It comes after earlier this week Alison hinted she has a new secret boyfriend after sharing a cryptic sex confession during Loose Women Live.