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Adrien Brody to design clothes for Swiss brand Bally

Actor Adrien Brody will be designing travel-focused collections for Swiss brand Bally

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March 24, 2023
Adrien Brody to design clothes for Swiss brand Bally
Adrien Brody to design clothes for Swiss brand Bally

American actor Adrien Brody has found a new outlet for his artistic flair in the Swiss luxury fashion house Bally.

The Academy-Award-winning actor and artist will be designing capsule collections for the brand, including ready-to-wear clothing, shoes, bags, as well as accessories.

“As an artist I am extremely excited to explore a new form of creative expression. I am honored to partner with Bally in this special collaboration, allowing me to channel my creative energy in a new way. “

“In my work, I have spent a lifetime on the road, inhabiting new lives in unusual places. Traveling and exploration has been a constant theme and great inspiration for me personally and will guide the narrative as I create capsules that capture and distill the beauty of a journey.”

Brody had the help of Bally’s Creative Studio for his line which highlights his enthusiasm for travel.

“Brody will seek to honor and exhibit the rich history and tradition of Bally by blending his artistic flair with his appreciation for finely crafted goods,” said the brand.

“Since the early 20th century, Bally has partnered with the world’s leading creative talent, from illustrators to architects, musicians to artists. With that in mind, I am honored to announce this special partnership with Adrien, who has a unique style and creative vision. I’ve always admired his work on screen and in the studio and am excited to see his interpretation of Bally’s artistic heritage through his unique, multicultural and sophisticated lens.”

Adrien Nicholas Brody received widespread recognition and acclaim after starring as Władysław Szpilman in Roman Polanski's The Pianist, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor at age 29.

Other memorable work by the actor includes The Thin Red Line , The Village and Midnight in Paris.

Brody is also loved for his work with Wes Anderson's, having starred in four of his inventive films; The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Grand Budapest Hotel and The French Dispatch.