Saturday April 01, 2023

Kim Kardashian received $1M to speak at Miami hedge fund event, reports

Kim Kardashian addressed the sell-out conference in Miami, sources reported

By Web Desk
February 06, 2023

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Kim Kardashian paid $1 million for her special appearance at Miami’s Hedge Fund Week conference.

A source told Page Six that the Kardashians star, 42, spoke at the iConnections Global Alts conference at the Fountainbleu hotel on Tuesday.

Kardashian talked about her newly launched private-equity firm SKKY Partners with her co-founder, industry vet Jay Sammons.

iConnections CEO Ron Biscardi also shared, “We don’t comment publicly on [monetary] arrangements with speakers.”

“She received huge applause when she walked out onto the stage. It was standing room only in the room where she spoke, with people spilling into the hallway. We had even more people in overflow rooms where the video was streamed to accommodate the sell out crowd,” Biscardi added.

Kardashian also gave a guest speaker speech at Harvard Business School last month. The aspiring lawyer talked to the business students at the university in a bid to share her journey.

The reality TV shared, "I'm so proud of Skims and the thought that it is a course being studied at Harvard is just crazy!!! Thank you professor Len Schlesinger and @harvardhbs for having us. #BucketListDream"