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Meghan Markle’s shady moves ridiculed: ‘At someone elses’ wedding?’

Meghan Markle’s shady move has been bashed by experts who have started to question it all

By Web Desk
January 29, 2023

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Meghan Markle’s shady moves and decisions have been called out.

This accusation has been issued by Canadian TV host Sid Seixeiro, during the course of his appearance on Canada's Breakfast television.

He believes, “To me personally, this is not your day, okay? To announce a pregnancy at someone else's wedding is that one of the shadier moves you're gonna do.”

Mr Seixeiro even went as far as to brand the entire process 'bigfooting' and added, “You're bigfooting the entire process for whoever's holding the wedding, you are telling everyone, 'look, we believe we are bigger than anything else going on here'.”