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Prince Harry’s ‘haunted eyes’ have disappeared: report

The haunting expression in Prince Harry’s eyes has officially disappeared according to experts

By Web Desk
December 25, 2022

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Experts have started to rejoice as the haunted expression from Prince Harry’s eyes disappears.

This claim has been made by body language expert Judi James in one of her interviews with Express UK.

Body language expert Judi James made this admission while speaking to Express UK.

There the body language expert pointed out the change in demeanor Prince Harry appears to have undertaken since moving to the US.

One such expert, Ms James was even quoted saying, “Harry’s poses on the stage show moments of a man loving the attention, both from his audience and of course his wife.”

Before concluding Ms James also pointed out how two years in and “The haunted gaze has gone and instead we have a man grinning playfully from ear to ear.”