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Prince Harry's uncle Earl Spencer breaks silence about Harry and Meghan's docuseries

Royal fans think Earl Spencer's post may have a secret meaning

By Web Desk
December 20, 2022

Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer has seemingly responded to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix show as he shared a cryptic post after final episodes of Netflix series this week. 

Taking to Instagram, Prince Harry’s uncle shared what royal fans are calling a very “apt” photo. Spencer appeared to respond to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s bombshells as he wrote: “Portrait of Charles I, hanging in the Picture Gallery at @althorphouse – the king visited the house in the 1630s, as an honoured guest – at one banquet recorded as feasting on herons, peacocks, and even the humble potato (which was relatively new to England then).”

He added: “He was also allowed to visit Althorp [the Spencer estate] several times in 1647, when being held prisoner at his palace of Holdenby – after losing the first English Civil War. The king’s hobbies included Bible-reading, chess, and lawn bowls, and Althorp had an excellent bowling green. Charles was executed in London, in January 1649.”

Royal fans were quick to point out that the picture and caption may have a secret meaning, with one wrote: “Very apt portrait and king to reflect on today.”

Another added: “You may be silent on the Netflix drama but after this post about a previous King Charles, might one dare to say you are #TeamHarry – very sagacious to stay silent but let history speak for you.”