Thursday December 07, 2023

Keith Urban drops jaws with $200K charity donation for ‘inspiring work’

Keith Urban pledges over $200K to charity with deep pockets ahead of Christmas time

By Web Desk
December 18, 2022

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Keith Urban has surprised social media with his generous donation of almost Nashville Food Project, the Thistle Farms and even the Music Health Alliance.

This donation has come just before Urban’s Speed of Now tour in Australia kicks off.

Prior to his last leg, the singer touched down in Nashville with staff and charity volunteers to distribute the donation.

He even shared a press release addressing the decision and it reads, “I have a deep-seated respect and feeling of gratitude for the work that all of these organizations do to make people's lives more manageable.”

The 55-year-old musician also added, “Their commitment to community, what they do for Nashville, and for others across the country, is not only inspiring, but it shows how much we can accomplish when working together.”

Keith Urban drops jaws with $200K charity donation for ‘inspiring work’

A large chunk of his donation ( $100,000) was also offered to the Music Health Alliance, for its work with musicians and health care facilities.