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Ryan Reynolds' 'feud' continues with Hugh Jackman on his musical 'Spirited'

Ryan Reynolds has a fiery 'feud' with costar Hugh Jackson

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November 19, 2022
Ryan Reynolds feud continues with Hugh Jackman on his musical Spirited

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman's supposed 'feud' continues as they engage in healthy competition.

According to Daily Mail, Ryan Reynolds thinks that since Hugh Jackman is an experienced Broadway performer, he will mock his acting and dancing in the musical movie, Spirited.

Reynolds told the Binge Guide in Stellar Magazine, "I'm sure Hugh is going to have a field day with this."

He continued, "Hugh is a lot like the many dancers and musical talents we were rubbing shoulders with each and every day on this film in that he's one of those people who makes it all look sort of effortless and effervescent."

The Deadpool star added, "And I don't have any of that." He reveals that learning to dance and sing for the musical is the most challenging thing he has ever done, as per the outlet.

"I understand the music and dance of fight sequences. I've done that my entire career. I have a shorthand with those. I can kind of memorise a pretty complicated fight sequence quicker than most, I'd say."

"But a dance number is just starting from ground zero. For me, it was really challenging. I've got to say, singing and dancing is so much harder than anything that I've ever tackled," he further shared.

Ryan, 46, stars alongside Will Ferrell in a Christmas-themed movie musical, Spirited.