Friday December 09, 2022

#GoodByeTwitter: Users bid farewell with hilarious memes

Hundreds of employees decided to quit Twitter after Elon Musk demanded staffers either work with high intensity or leave the company

By Web Desk
November 18, 2022
The picture shows a tombstone. — Twitter
The picture shows a tombstone. — Twitter

As news of Twitter's temporary shutdown spread like wildfire on the internet, users dealt with the loss by making memes about the microblogging website. 

Hundreds of employees decided to quit the company after Elon Musk demanded the staffers either work with high intensity and go "hardcore" or leave the company. 

Twitter "temporarily" shut down its office till November 21. The company, in an email according to BBC, has informed workers that offices will resume on November 21 (Monday), without providing any reason behind the move.

"Thank you for your flexibility. Please continue to comply with company policy by refraining from discussing confidential company information on social media, with the press or elsewhere," the email read.

In a workplace app called Blind, a poll was conducted asking Twitter employees about the situation. Over 40% of the 180 voters said they were "taking exit option, I am free!"

The billionaire, on his first mass call with employees, said that he could not rule out bankruptcy, Bloomberg News reported, two weeks after it was bought for $44 billion.

Social media users are now convinced that the company will end and are blaming Musk for the disaster. Hashtags of #GoodByeTwitter and #RIPTwitter are trending on the platform.

Take a look at the memes: 

Interestingly, amid all these jokes about Musk and him causing the downfall of the social media firm, the man was making jokes too.

Except for his joke responding to the mass resignations, Musk has not commented on the matter yet. Musk was meeting some top employees to try and convince them to stay, said one current employee and a recently departed employee who is in touch with Twitter colleagues.

Musk took to Twitter late on Thursday and said that he was not worried about resignations as "the best people are staying."

The billionaire owner amid the flood of resignations also added that Twitter has hit an all-time high in usage.

"And we just hit another all-time high in Twitter usage...", he said in a tweet, without elaborating.