VIDEO: Ushna Shah hits out at Western media spreading 'disinformation' on Gaza massacre

Ushna shares video depicting how Zionists invaded and seized Palestinian land under patronage of big powers in world

By Web Desk
October 25, 2023
Screengrab of Ushna Shah's video depicting Israeli invasion of Palestinians’ land. — X/ushnashah

Pakistani actor Ushna Shah, who has been actively engaged in virtual and physical protests against Palestinian massacre in Gaza by Israel, hit out at the Western media for spreading "disinformation" about the ongoing atrocities.

The genocide in Gaza continues for nearly 20 days, with at least 6,546 Palestinians martyred in Israeli strikes on civilian buildings, including houses, hospitals, and schools since October 7.

The latest from Ushna's content is a video depicting how the Zionists invaded and seized the Palestinians’ land under the patronage of some big powers in the world.

The video features herself and a couple of her friends playing the roles of Palestine, Israel, United States, United Kingdom, and some other countries.

Taking a dig at the reporting on the Israeli atrocities in Palestine, Ushna highlighted how Western media portrays Palestinians’ defence — against the Israeli settlers who colonised their land — as extremist militant attacks.

She also underscored through her video how the Western media has been spreading lies by showing AI-generated images and depicting fake attacks to keep “the tax dollars” coming to fund the propaganda.

The actor gave the people a wake-up call to end their silence over this oppression which is somehow allowing it to continue.

The Balaa actor is one of the social media influencers who have openly supported Palestine and called for an independent state of Palestine during the ongoing barbarianism which has resulted in the deaths of over 6000 innocent Palestinians, most of whom are children.

She has stopped posting any content related to her profession that is acting and modelling and her entire feed on the microblogging site X and Instagram since the eruption of hostilities, contains only posts related to the crisis.