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Malala chosen for bravery award

- November 20, 2012 - Updated 112 PKT - From Web Edition

LONDON: Malala Yousafzai, who became the face of Pakistan's struggle against the Taliban, has been awarded for her bravery and commitment to education for girls in adverse conditions in Swat. The award was given out by World Peace and Prosperity Foundation Chairman Prince Ali Khan, at the Cholmondeley Room of the House of Lords on Monday night.


Malala is being treated at a British hospital after she was shot in the head by Taliban militants. The award was received on her behalf by Deputy High Commissioner of Pakistan to the UK, S Zulfiqar Gardezi.


"It is Malala or her family who should have received the award. In their absence, I will pass it on to her," he said. Malala was flown to the UK on Oct 15 and admitted at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham where she is recovering. Other recipients of award included a Bishop of London, a distinguished British Muslim Psychiatrist, a distinguished Turkish academic and MP, and eight year old Josh Altman, European Chess Bronze medalist.


Prince Ali Khan, Founder Chairman of the World Peace and Prosperity Foundation said the Foundation was aimed at recognising outstanding work in various walks of life and to promote world peace and prosperity.


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Reader Comments
It’s really sad that “incidents” like this happen all the time, they just don’t always get as much media attention. I’m just happy the girl is alive and wish the best for her. Takes courage to stand up to these narrow-minded traditions, considering the consequences you sometimes have to face.

Aahana Kashyap
Israel deserves this award..can't you see they killed 80+ kids in just 3 days and the whole world is quiet on the aggression (bravery) Israel did. What a whole drama against muslim world !!!

40,000 Pakistanis have been killed by terrorists in Pakistan. Let us not forget them also.

I salute to Malala for braving against a closed mindset of extremists mullahs.

Tajammal Waheed
There is no doubt about it that Malala is the sign of bravery and struggle for promoting girl education in Pakistan especially in swat,but there are some other girls just like Malala who are also suffered from the drone attacks which are carried by the USA we should not forget them.

Every 1 month old baby killed by Israel bombing deserves this award more than this (CIA and it's PITHOOO NGO's and PITHOO) Agent. Stop this Drama.

When will this Malala drama end. I think every Pakistani deserves an award for braving his way through everyday life in today's Pakistan

ayesha khan
No doubt, Malala is a symbol of bravery and struggle for the rights of girls education. She well deserved this award and many more. Congratulation Malala on winning this prestigious award. Pray for your speedy recovery.

Ali Khan
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