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'Imam changed evidences against Rimsha'

- September 01, 2012 - Updated 2125 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: The Imam of a Mosque, Khalid Jadoon, manipulated the evidence against Rimsha Maseeh, said an eyewitness in a statement before the magistrate on Saturday.


According to the eyewitness Hafiz Muhammad Zubair, he was observing Aitekaf in the mosque when he got to know about the incident of alleged burning of Quranic verses.


He said that Ammad, the complainant in the case, handed over the ashes of Quranic verses to the Imam of the mosque Khalid Jadoon, who also added more verses to it.


The eyewitness further said in his statement that he himself along with two more Motakif protested against the manipulation of the evidences. He said that he and other eyewitnesses had asked Khalid Jadoon to present the real evidences against Rimsha.


Meanwhile, the religious scholar Tahir Ashrafi has asked the Ulema as to what kind of punishment Imams like Khalid Jadoon deserved.

Reader Comments
Allah will bless such individuals as Hafiz Muhammad Zubair. He has insured a place for himself in heaven next to his God. He demonstrated huge amount of courage in order to bring out the truth. He had acted in good conscience advising the Imam against practicing injustice. If God isn't pleased with such people, then who will he be pleased with? - the likes of this Imam or those engaging in kidnappings, forced conversions & forced marriages?

We know that in civilized countries without proper training, examination and certificates it is forbidden to practice any profession e.g. Doctors, Engineers and technicians, all professions are included. It is only Pakistan where one can do anything without proper training. Where uneducated thugs run the country and a 5th standard pass Mulla leads the Friday's sermon. Such is the state of our nation and this mismanagement goes almost unchallenged since 65 yrs.

Tahir Nasim
He should be stoned to death for blesphemy. The stipulation has reversed on this satin.

Tufan Agha
where are those mullahs who burn the innocent victims of this alleged offence and burn their houses. what prevents them to meeT same treatment to this mullah who has shattered the lives of hundreds of Christians!!

saleem Khan
United Kingdom
This man, as rightly suggested by other baazameer readers, should get exactly the punishment that he so fervently desired for a retarded child. He should be hanged ASAP. Sending this brute to the gallows would serve as an eye-opener for all those who plan these subhuman schemes,as 'nothing so clears the mind as the sight of the gallows'. They would think many times before implicating innocents and bringing approbrium to our great Religion of peace and tolerance.

This is really a shameful unislamic and condemnable act by a so called prayer leader. This is one of the reasons we find ourselves in this situation now. I am really ashamed to be a part of intolerant society.

If imam is proven guilty of falsifying the incident, the he should be given the harshest ponishment- a daily beating by 20 students for one-year. He should then be thrown out from all mosques for lifetime.

Because of Army-Mullah alliance, he will be released shortly.

Jameel Khan
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