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Hindu girl, 14, converts, marries Muslim

- August 11, 2012 - Updated 616 PKT - From Web Edition

JACOBABAD: A Hindu girl, who disappeared two days ago, has reportedly converted to Islam and married a Muslim man in Jacobabad, Geo News learnt.


Reports have it that a erstwhile Hindu girl, Manisha Kumari, 14, now Mahvish, herself telephoned her parents from an unknown location and broke the news of her conversion, that she claimed was as voluntary as her love-marriage with a man named Ghulam Mustafa Channa.


On the other hand her father, Ravet Mal, has alleged that her abductors have forced her to convert and marry.


“She can never give up on her religion, she has been coerced into doing it”, her father said while talking to Geo News.


According to her father she went missing a couple of days back and was nowhere to be found.


Girl’s uncle, Sanjay Singh, told Geo News, from the way her voice wavered on the telephone, it appeared as if she was saying all this under pressure.


“She sounded scared on the phone, it’s not what it seems, there were people around her dictating her, we could hear their giving her instructions”, said Sanjay.


Meanwhile, vowing to recover her before long, SSP Jacobabad said that police were hot on trail of her alleged abductors.


Sindh has a sizeable population of Hindus, who are the largest minority community in Pakistan.

Reader Comments
To Bangalore,India After Hindus covert to Islam, then what? That man, that raped/married a child, is he an Islamist? or a criminal? I suggest a CRIMINAL FIRST & a Pakistani, I pray that Allah bless Pakistan with multiplies off his kind. It is gutter and has been developing with aid from Nehru, Sonia, American and British Governments like a sh*tpot to stop Indians.

Well done Pakistan. You are sowing the whole world what it means to be a Pakistani.

James Smith
Considering Md married 6 yrs old Aisha. 14 yrs Hindu girl is overage.

United Kingdom
Who said he cannot marry a 14 year old? That is pure islam. Mashallah.

Abdul Qadir
I do not know the law about Pakistan! But i am sure, marriage at a age of 14 is not allowed does not matter which religion she belongs to!

Inshallah. I hope that more Hindus realise the folly of their religion and convert to Islam. Jazakallah. May more Hindus covert to Islam.

A girl, aged 14, either Hindu or Muslim can not marry, as she is monor (not adult) in eyes of Law of Pakistan.Ghulam Mustafa Channa, who is said to be married the girl, must be booked under Hudood Ordinance. Will Hon. SC, take this case as Suo Motto ?

Anwar Khan
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