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Fazl talks of independent foreign policy

November 26, 2011 - Updated 1617 PKT
From Web Edition

KARACHI: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam_Fazl (JUI-F) Sindh termed the attack of NATO forces on Pakistani check post as a slap across face of Pakistani foreign policy, adding that had the declarations of parliament and APC were implemented such untoward incidents could have been avoided.


This was said by General Secretary JUI Sindh Senator Dr Khalid Mahmood Soomro, Maulana Abdul Qayyum Haljevi, Maulana Abdul Karim Abid, Maulana Mohammad Ghayas and Secretary Information Muhammad Aslam Ghauri in a joint statement.


They said that the wrong policies adopted during the era of Musharraf are now yielding results, adding that the present government is also following the footsteps of the dictator, rulers always bow before


their foreign masters, and the trend is also being strictly followed in now-a-days.They said that the US is poking its nose in every matter of Pakistan whether it is big or small and now they have even started to attack the check posts of Pakistan Army, adding that this is a shameful


incident for the entire nation.They said that the American policies have destroyed the economy of Pakistan whereas the inflation and

unemployment is increasing every day. The industries are closing down and the energy crisis is worsening.


They demanded of the government to alienate itself from so-called 'war on terror' and formulate an independent foreign policy so that the economy of the country can progress.--PPI

Reader Comments
You know what Doctor Sb. If you only could try not to hide from yourself, no drone could harm you. I am a Pakistani and proud to be one. We all have weaknesses and the good in us try to correct ourselves. If i could only aware you to the many a great achievements that the people of this country have contributed to, even you with all your negative thinking would acknowledge. "SORRY". PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

M.M. Hussain
Doctor Sb. All we sowed was the blood of our ancestors, who gave their lives to create our beloved country called Pakistan. Then came the grabbers, the politician, the crooks. What is the fault of our motherland. Its only the people that make or break a country. I am 62 years old, and have never voted or participated in elections. Know why. Because i have never considered anyone "GOOD ENOUGH". This time i believe i can consider Imran Khan.????

M.M. Hussain
Hussai Saab: You reap what you sow. Corrupt regime, country created on false hood; persecution of weak and minorities, you expect pak to fight back. Indians were smart they forced pakistan to declare itself a nuclear state. Now where they are and where we are. OMG I can see a drone. time for me to hide

@ Doctor. I am awake Sir. But what you need is something more then coffee to perk-up. I hope for you and your family that the drone hits its target. What you need is to know the difference between good and bad humor. Has the drone struck.??

M.M. Hussain
Some more munafiqs speak! The JUI-F’s leadership spares no opportunity to prop-up the current NRO product US slave PPP led coalition at the center and assists it to sabotage the APC declarations and yet at the same time talks of ‘independent foreign policy’.

Akmal Khattak
MM Hussain (not haqqanni)this myth was burst in 1971. Wake up my friend and smell the cofee. There is a drone flying outside

Not to long ago we were considered a brave nation. That could face a threat head on. Even our worst enemy would compliment us for bravery, loyalty and steadfastness. Now over the years we have not only weakened but have lost our very character as people, thus Pakistanis. We are know known as a nation that can be bought at a minimal price. The army of our country was once considered second to none. Today, sadly that's not anywhere near being true.

M.M. Hussain
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