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Punjab finalises infrastructure for anti-terrorism force

- October 19, 2013 - Updated 100 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: The government of Punjab has finalised the infrastructure for the anti-terrorism force. Recruitment for the force will begin in November, while the first team will be ready by February.


According to sources, the quality of recruitment in the counter-terrorism department will be different from the police. The culture of the department is also expected to differ from that of the police.


Personnel of the anti-terrorism force will receive a salary of Rs 75,000, will have access to housing and would not be referred to as constable.


In its initial phase, personnel from different departments will be inducted into the force. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif will form a screening committee for this process.


In case of personnel from the force being martyred, the family will receive funds to purchase a house and meet other expenses.


Advertisements for recruitment will be published on October 21 and only those individuals who have received first and second division in their education would be admitted. Initially 500 personnel will be inducted in the force and their training will be completed by February.


The anti-terrorism force will also have helicopters at their disposal.

Reader Comments
"The anti-terrorism force will also have helicopters at their disposal. " Great! Another shiny toy for the Police chiefs to abuse and fly to their family BBQ's to.

2. A single national anti terror force should be created that should have a armed assault wing AND an investigation wing like the ANF. 3. Create a Single National Intelligence Processing Agency that collects and analyses ALL intelligence from ALL intelligence gathering entities. 4. Ensure ALL intelligence agencies, police, etc share their findings with this NIPA so no one is left out of the loop.

United Kingdom
Here we go! Punjab to have its own Anti terror force, KP to have there own and maybe Sindh too! A proliferation of multiple forces attempting to do everything and specialising in nothing! Pakistani are mentally incapable of running a picnic let alone a country. Here is a suggestion. 1. The Border Rangers, Frontier constabulary, Frontier Corp, Mehran Force etc should all be merged in to a single Pakistan Border Security force responsible for ALL the borders.

United Kingdom
Psychological test should be manadatory while recruitment.I request Government to entertain all individuals who has done thier Graduation with 2nd Division or done Masters degree and fulfill all physical requirements of the government(as per CSS/PCS policy.1st,2nd and 3rd divisioner casted thier votes to ellect government and it is a duty of elected members not to break trust.We need people with passion/full devotion and i assure you together as a Nation we will more strengthen our country.

Government plays a role of Mother for a Nation and nation needs to be motivated through good Government decisions.If someone got de-trakced/ill/or had some severe issues in his career and got 3rd division ,he should not be punished like this.

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