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I have no right to contest for President office: Zardari

- June 02, 2013 - Updated 815 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday said that being a President of the country he was glad to see the smooth transition of power, adding that not only Nawaz Sharif but other political parties also supported them for the sake of democracy.


Talking to a panel of journalists, President Zardari said that he has no right to participate in presidential elections for the next tenure. He said that if Pakistan Peoples' Party (PPP) asked him to lead the party, he would do so, or else he would work as a party worker.


Replying to a question, Mr. Zardari said that National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) and Swiss cases were the charges for what he had been sent to jail for eight years. He added that, in his opinion, these cases were controversial as they carried no substance.


Speaking on Balochistan issues, the president claimed that the previous government did so many things for Balcohistan but the Baloch people did not do anything for themselves.


To another question, Mr. Zardari replied that there is a need to identify whether or not Taliban have political mindset, as extremists do not negotiate.


He further said that the PPP-led government had not signed any agreement with US government over drone attacks, however, he added that he did not know if Musharraf had made any such agreement or not.

Reader Comments
We all know he made a pact with Zardari for friendly opposition and now the favor will be returned. Nawaz will pay all the lip service but will do nothing. I hope PTI goes after both of these from all angles even take the matter with Department of Justice for money laundering

You had no right to be President even at the very first time.

You selected MQM & PML (Q)) as your coalition partners, made all sorts of compromises just to stay in the presidency. MQM made U turns,left your government a month before election, Choudhrys of Gujrat have completely fizzled out. You have no marbles to play with.Pack your suit case & go to Dubai or London, having enough money stashed in foreign banks, you have no financial worries.

Zaki N
Mr ZORDARI, Please leave our country and dont forget to rename the airport of Islamabad.

Well done sir, enjoy good ,long holiday.We appreciate your forebearance and steadfastness in very odd political ,social conditions.Democracy will flourish in Pakistan

Ejaz Ur Rehman
Allah iss zardari ko karwat, karwat jannat naseeb kare.. aur dunnya aur aakhirat mein kamarani aur shadmaani se nawaze. Amen. Zardari sahab ne pakistan ki tareekh mein ek naya baab ka izaafa kya hai. Zardari pehle president hain jinhon ne apni sadarat 5 saal complete keye.

abdul muhammed
Indeed no right, your bags are full with the nation's wealth you looted for five years. Your under partner Ganja WHO supported you for 5 yeras, now you let him loot. Shame on you so called leaders.

Mr. Zardari, well said, you have no right to contest for president office.Take a sabbatical, go to your favourite country, Dubai or you might consider to live in your newly built palace in Lahore,a gift from your friend, Riaz Malick.While you are doing it,see your life from different perspective - such as there is no use exploiting "The Shaheeds"of Larkana.May be you could teach your heir apparent Bilawal that honesty is still the best policy. Alas, you never followed this policy yourself.

Ghani K
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