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- Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - From Print Edition




Glowing tributes were heaped on the late Rais-ul-Ahrar Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar, a towering figure among the Muslims of the Sub-Continent and unflinching freedom fighter at a meeting held to remember him, under the aegis of the Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman Memorial Society (MKRMS) at the Civic Centre Monday evening.


The Administrator, KMC, Muhammad Hussain Syed, eulogized Maulana Johar for his unflinching struggle for the recognition of the Muslims’ rights and for upholding to the last the cause of the Khilafat Movement. “We owe it to these heroes for getting us this freedom whereby today we are the citizens of a free, independent country where we also have the freedom of worship”, Syed said. He lauded Johar’s services to the coming generations of the Muslims.


Prof Shazia Naz from the Geography Department of the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science, and Technology (FUUAST) heaped accolades on the late Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar and highlighted his teachings of love, tolerance, humanity and patriotism and lamented that today we as a nation had veered wide off the teachings and ideals propagated by Maulana Johar. “Maulana Johar was an ardent advocate of Muslim brotherhood and unity but today what we are seeing in our nation is just the antithesis to his ideals. We have had so many Mir Jafers and Mir Sadiqs in our midst”, she said.


The cause of universal Muslim brotherhood and Muslim unity was so dear to Johar’s heart, she said, yet today we were witnessing the exact opposite of that in the form of Muslims killing Muslims in Karachi, in the blood curling sectarianism, the bloody ethnicity. “Was Pakistan created so that Muslim brotherhood may disappear?”, she questioned in a pensive tone. She credited Johar with having breathed new life into the Muslim body-politic and wondered why we had lost track of his noble ideals in the mad pursuits of our political and vested interests. “When will peace be restored in Pakistan? When will we again assemble under the same flag?”, she questioned in a tone of sadness.She said that today, even though we were an independent country, we were going further and further back into slavery.


Muhammad Ahmed Qadri, Department of Political Science, Karachi University, in his ardent tributes to the late Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar said that personalities like Jauhar lived on even after they died, through their noble deeds for fellow man and through the noble ideas they bequeathed posterity. Quoting Johar’s quote to the effect that man should love all men and hate none, he said that if we made this the inseparable motto of our lives, we could usher in a new world, a world totally free of hatred and acrimony and we could see the dawn of an era free of killings, bloodshed, sectarianism, ethnicity and all that drives men to indulge in social frenzy. Adopting the noble ideals of brotherhood and harmony preached by Jauhar could solve so many of or social problems.


Lamenting the present conditions, he said that there never was a phase in history when there were no sectarian differences yet never were people killed while offering their prayers in mosques. Never were bombs hurled at religious processions by those of a differing religious hue, the way it is today. “Johar was the jewel who preached for the attainment of rights, not hatred”, he said.


Ali Hassan Sajid, Dirtector, Media Management, KMC, said that the KMC was fully involved in the promotion of cultural and educational activities to keep alive the pulsating character of Karachi and the city’s endeavour to perpetuate the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Muslims of the Sub-Continent. He mentioned the trial of Maulana Jauhar at the Khaliqdina Hall for sedition and his jail sentence of two years-and-a-half at the Karachi Central Jail. He said that the KMC would soon be publishing a book highlighting Maulana Jauhar’s connection with Karachi.


Zakia Yousfi, in her characteristically melodious voice, rendered two national songs, “Watan Ki Mitti Gawah Rehna”, and “Ghar ke Chiragh Roshan Hain Aaj”. Hafiz Omar Ali Khan performed the Tilawat-e-Quran while Hafiz Taha Ali Khan and Nurul Ahad Suhrwardy presented Naats. The programme was rounded off by prayers for the solidarity and prosperity of Pakistan by Liaquat Ali Khan.


Arshad Sabri, Chairman, MKRMS, compered the function. Muhammad Hussain Syed lauded Sabri for always remembering the heroes of the Pakistan and Independence Movements, as, he said, we owed our freedom entirely to these our heroes.