Thursday December 01, 2022

Qureshi sees general election after by-polls

By Our Correspondent
October 14, 2022

MULTAN: Vice-Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf Shah Mehmood Qureshi has predicted that a general election will be held following by-elections, and that the bat symbol will outclass all.He was speaking to participants in rallies at Adda Qadirpur in PP 211 and PP 218 in NA 157.

He said people are ready for Imran Khan’s call, adding the rulers are sinking Pakistan and economy. The PTI and Imran Khan are the only ones to pull Pakistan out of the vortex, he said. He said Shehbaz Sharif was supposed to drag Zardari through the streets of Larkana, asking who had tied them in a bond at once. He said they have been given NRO again, adding the purpose of their coming into power is being materialized.

The NAB laws have been changed and these people are getting clean shit in corruption cases, he said. Hr cautioned that the people are watching everything and will hold them accountable at an appropriate time.Mr Qureshi said that inflation has risen. and economy is in a bad state, adding the PDM government has no agenda to run the country.

He questioned the alliance between the PPP and PMLN and said the PDM is going to end soon. Those who have laundered billions of rupees have been given a clean chit, he said, adding today is the age of social media and people are alive to every situation. He said Imran Khan will put thieves back in jail after coming to power. He said that Imran Khan had come to the people after leaving the power.