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‘Gen Musharraf wanted to appoint Tariq Aziz as PM’

By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir
October 01, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Former military ruler General (R) Pervez Musharraf was not interested in holding general elections in the country way back in 2002. He wanted to continue to rule the country by appointing former national security adviser (NSA) Tariq Aziz as prime minister.

“He pressurised Tariq to accept the offer of becoming prime minister but he declined and when Pervez Musharraf’s pressure became intolerable, Tariq Aziz instead of accepting it, resigned from his post,” it was revealed by late Tariq Aziz son-in-law on Friday evening while addressing a memorial reference for Tariq Aziz who breathed his last on September 18 in the federal capital.

The memorial was arranged by the Tax Officers as Tariq Aziz was an officer of the Inland Revenue Services (IRS). The reference held at Islamabad Club, was attended by civil service officers and former federal secretaries in large number. Rich tribute was paid to the former NSA who was also President Lahore Race Club and Administrator of Islamabad Club as well.

He was fond of horses. His close associates termed him a silent thinking force who equally displayed his skills in the field of external ties of the country when he took reign of back-door diplomacy with India.

The Indian side was headed by famous Indian diplomat S K Lamba. The speakers said that it was the outcome of his efforts that General (R) Pervez Musharraf presented a formula for the resolution of Kashmir dispute with India. Both the countries reached close to the path for the solution of the thorny issue but the efforts were scuttled by unknown elements.

Tariq Aziz was class-mate of General (R) Pervez Musharraf in FC College, Lahore and was appointed first principal secretary of the General when he assumed power. Tariq Aziz was still in the government service.