Wednesday October 04, 2023

E&T Department secures record collection of over Rs19 billion during 2021-22

September 26, 2022

Islamabad : The Excise and Taxation Department (ETD) of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration has finally launched a comprehensive mobile App, enabling the general public to have the easiest access to get their jobs done without any hassle.

So effective and efficient is this App that it has already hiked the revenue earning manifolds over a period of three years only. In the fiscal year, 2017-18 the total earnings of the ETO office were Rs8.263 billion which over the last three years have scaled up to Rs19.032 billion in the fiscal year 2021-22.

Through this mobile App introduced by the ICT Administration general public now can pay their civic taxes without going to any offices or seeking the intervention of any ‘facilitator’(touts), who always charge hefty amounts of money from people whose jobs were done on a priority basis.

Now, through this App, people can not only pay their civic taxes within seconds and without any interference. And the latest addition is the new App introduced to the existing ones through which if a person wants to get a vehicle registered or transferred, he or she would not be required to visit the offices of the Excise and Taxation Department (ETD) and sit or stand and wait in long queues for their turn.

This new App is going to revolutionize the working in the ETO office and it would not be long that each and every vehicle registered in Islamabad will be registered under the rightful owner and will prevent people from keeping those in somebody else’s name and address.

Director ETD Bilal Azam when contacted by this correspondent, telling the success story of the achievements of ETD said that keeping open transfer letters for years, has ended and the owner has to transfer his vehicle within a specific time of three months.

He said, the prime objective of the ETD to achieve was to provide basic facilities to prevail even in their bedrooms including registration or transfer of ownership of vehicles, the residents of Islamabad could get vehicle transfer and registration at their doorstep, an online deposit of token tax and other payments required for the registration of the vehicle or other relevant purposes.”

A unique concept offered by the ETD to facilitate the people of the federal capital territory is to provide service of biometric at the doorsteps. “The ETD with the collaboration of NADRA at ‘doorstep vehicles registration service’ has provided for facilitation of general public,” the Director ETD said, adding that the applicants can contact Call Centre and to obtain the appointment for this service, the staff of ETD will visit the residence of applicants for completing the due process and the applicant’s vehicles are registered at their doorstep.

The general public could also pay the Road Tax / Token Tax and registration fee/transfer of ownership fees through an application displaying as “City Islamabad”. The ETD has initiated a comprehensive crackdown for the implementation of the Tobacco Control Act -1958 to control the use of tobacco and issued 1300 notices to defaulters and illegal sellers of Tobacco in the ICT, Bilal Azam maintained added that the field staff of ETD has been collecting millions of rupees against the registration of tobacco vender’s fee.

The ETD working on stolen vehicles by using Apps, has recovered non-custom paid and stolen vehicles, and the well-trained field staff of ETD have recovered massively stolen and snatched vehicles from various areas of Punjab and handed them over to the Punjab Police, the Director added.

The department has recently introduced one-tap access through QR Code which is available on document submission receipt that enables the applicants to check their vehicle Identification Card, Bilal said adding that the ETD has connected with Custom and FBR for imported vehicles pre-verification process and filer/non-filer status of applicants. The ETD is also in the administrative process of online verification of documents for locally manufactured vehicles to facilitate the general public and for making public service delivery better, the director concluded.