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Wasa to take action against defaulter societies

By Ali Raza
September 24, 2022

LAHORE:Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) has decided to disconnect several defaulter private and cooperative housing societies from its drainage and sewerage system.

The agency has prepared the lists of defaulter private and cooperative housing societies and action will be taken against them by joint teams of operations and recovery wings of the agency.

As per the defaulters’ lists, in Allama Iqbal Town six private housing schemes against which action will be taken are Abuzar Housing Scheme (Rs7,701,688), Azam Gardens (Rs2,036,556), Campus View Town (Rs5,550,272), Canal Berg (Rs9,794,044), Itefaq Town, Multan Road (Rs26,321,384) and Mehraj Town (Rs7,560,100). The defaulter cooperative societies in Allama Iqbal Town are Canal View Housing Scheme (Rs7,560,000), Gosha-e-Ahbab Co-operative Housing Scheme Phase-I (Rs3,950,152), Phase-II (Rs4,764,174), Phase-III (Rs8,402,636), Islamia College Old Boys Housing Scheme (Khayaban-e-Quaid) (Rs13,484,437), PCSIR Employees Staff Ph-I (Rs27,814,267), State Enterprise Ph-I Cooperative Housing Scheme (Rs43,728,445), State Enterprise Ph-II Cooperative Housing Scheme Multan Road, Mauza Niaz Baig (Rs13,926,316) and Tech Society (Rs12,779,787).

In Jubilee Town, the defaulter societies are ABID CITY-I/Green Fort-III (Rs6,793,605), Abid Town (Rs1,198,560), Ahmad Housing Society (Rs26,210,860), Airline Society (Rs37,043,266), Al-Hamra Town (Rs55,956,102), Ali Town (Rs23,788,532), Al-Kabir Town Phase-II (Rs7,829,735), Architects Engineers Housing Society (Rs450,000), Beacon House (Rs450,000), Campus Colony (Rs1,289,886), City Residencia (Rs13,400), Dubai Town Housing Scheme (Rs9,332,572), Eden Lane Villas PH-I Housing Scheme (Rs10,182,675), Eden Palace Villas (Rs9,364,887), Eden Park Farm Housing Scheme (Rs59,342,852), Eithad Town (Rs300,000), Farooq Avenue (Rs403,260), Fazaia Housing Scheme (Rs43,011,563), General Sher Ali Khan (Rs2,853,610), Ghousia Town (Rs15,748,606), Green Acres Housing Scheme (Rs47,181,792), Green Forts PH-I Housing Scheme (Rs9,739,316), Gulshan-e-Mustafa (Rs458,026), Hyde Park Housing Scheme (Rs18,550,218), Izmir Town (Rs600,000), Jaffar Town (Rs6,220,258), Khayaban-e-Khairudin Phase-I (Ext) (Rs1,753,441), Lahore Villas (Rs2,466,000), Land Breeze Farm Housing Scheme (Rs125,000), Nawab Town (Rs81,129,050), Punjab University Ph I Housing Scheme (Rs12,006,412), Punjab University Ph II Housing Scheme (Rs73,745,498), Regent Park Farm Housing Scheme (Rs27,211,990), Samanberg Khurd (Rs160,951), Saigal Esate (Rs5,251,220), Sultan Town (Rs23,924,648), Samanberg Kalan (Rs1,223,831), Sunflower (Rs843,285), Sunny Park Extension (Sunny Garden Housing Scheme) (Rs11,046,486), Sunny Park (Rs22,916,402), Westwood Colony Housing Scheme (Rs46,497,380), Women Housing Scheme (Rs14,970,746) and Zaheer-ud-Din Babar (Rs3,657,690),

The defaulter cooperative societies in jubilee Town are Abdalian Society (Rs300,000), Agrics Town PH-II & III Housing Scheme (Rs19,730,034), Agrics Town, PH-I Housing Scheme (Rs6,647,207), Aitchison Staff H/S (Rs9,659,885), Audit & Accounts Cooperative Housing Society (Rs36,495,010), BOR Society (Rs10,348,250), Ghee Corporation Housing (Rs7,655,000), Iqbal Avenue ECHS Phase-I (Rs11,607,064), Judicial Employees CHS-I (EXT) (Rs43,557,220), Judicial Employees CHS-I (Rs1,106,350), Judicial Employees CHS-II (Rs7,508,534), Judicial Employees CHS-III (Rs4,119,236), Lahore Canal Bank (Superior Court) (Rs8,565,430), LCCI PH-I Housng Scheme (Rs100,000), Muslim Nagar (Telegraph & Telephone Employees CHS (Rs15,312,332), Nasheman-e-Iqbal (Rs34,142,445), P&D Society Housing Scheme (Rs32,596,937), PCSIR Employees Coop Housing Scheme Phase-I (Rs28,762,405), PIA ECHS Phase-I Mouza Niaz Baig (Rs47,605,155), Public health Engg Housing Scheme (Rs24,860,493), Punjab Excise & taxation Housing Scheme (Rs8,036,200), Rail Town Cooperative Scheme (Rs7,860,000), Revenue ECHS (A&B) Mouza Niaz Baig (Rs39,633,360), River View (Rs6,500,000), Sargodha Housing Scheme Mouza Bhoptian (Rs7,603,800) and T&T Aabpara H/S Mouza Amirpura & Bhoptian (Rs7,121,800).

In Nishtar Town, the defaulter societies are Akhter Estate (Rs6,241,234), Dilkusha H/S (Rs609,950), Housing Scheme at Pindi Rajputan (Rs3,796,656), Pak Arab (Rs29,292,780), Saroba Gardens (Rs6,124,118) and Satellite Town (Rs10,177,730).

In Shalimar Town, the defaulter housing societies are Alia Town (Rs11,926,363), Gulshan-e-Shalimar (Rs7,740,192) and Hassan Town (Rs15,316,850). In Nishtar Town, the defaulter cooperative societies are Government Employees HS Sector-AI Ph-II & III (Rs199,552,389) and in Aziz Bhatti and Wagah Town, Guldasht Town is defaulter of Wasa of Rs21,400,000.

Wasa Managing Director Ghafran Ahmed while talking with the scribe said that several warnings were already issued to the defaulters and now the agency has planned to take strict action against them. He said teams comprising officers of operations and revenue wings were constituted to take action and the drainage and sewer connections of the defaulters would be disconnected from the Wasa’s system.