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Gomal Zam dam authorities issue flood alert

By Akhtar Shahzad
August 21, 2022

TANK: Authorities of Gomal Zam dam have issued a flood alert for the populations within its command area.

On the other hand, a spokesman for the district administration said that they had taken measures to deal with an emergency situation.

Panic has gripped the residents of the district amid reports regarding the increase in water level in the reservoir of the dam. Tank residents recently witnessed damage due to floods, although the district administration also took prompt relief measures in the wake of the flood.

If the rainfall in the region continued, the dam reservoir may require an immediate automatic operation to discharge 7,600 cusecs of water, and this may cause low-medium flooding in the downstream parts of the command area of the dam.

However, an official source in the Gomal Zam dam management said that unconfirmed reports on social media should not be trusted.

Quoting the Met office forecast for August 23 to 25, the monsoon winds have entered the upper and central regions of neighboring Balochistan, adding that the rainwater level in local perennial watercourses was increasingly surging in the hilly region.

Meanwhile, the district administration is fully cautious of the issues and was taking all-out steps for the safety of people and their properties, said a spokesman for the district administration.