Monday September 26, 2022

Come the revolution

August 19, 2022

This letter refers to the article ‘Looking for direction: Part - II’ (August 18, 2022) by I Hussain. One could have never thought back in 1947 that the newly founded state would be halved 24 years later while the truncated portion would slip into a bottomless pit 75 years hence. How this nation has decayed in all its forms over time is baffling, deserving a detailed case study.

Rulers are not ashamed in reaching out to friendly countries and international institutions with a begging bowl. Once the borrowing approval is secured against harsh conditions, it is taken as a sign of great achievement. But the loaned funds are not spent on the people or on critical projects that benefit the nation but are siphoned off and parked safely abroad. The borrowings become a blessing for the rulers/elite class and the same old routine for the people. The rulers’ infatuation with borrowings exists to enrich themselves and make the people destitute. Only a revolution can stop this nation from going into oblivion.

Huma Arif