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Imran’s narrative defeated rivals in by-polls: Qureshi

By Nadeem Shah
August 02, 2022

MULTAN: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Monday said the narrative of Imran Khan thwarted his rivals in Punjab by-polls and rejected the Pakistan Democratic Movement.

Addressing a workers convention in PP-217 here to celebrate the PTI victory, he said the whole government machinery and resources were used against PTI candidates, but the PTI won 16 Punjab Assembly slots out of 20, which was the victory and acceptance of the narrative of Imran Khan. Only one slot was rigged in the by-polls and a candidate was declared winner with 49 votes. All Lotas could hardly win only three slots in the by-polls.

He said Asif Ali Zardari and his companions offered millions of rupees to MPAs for changing loyalty after the PTI’s landmark victory in the by-polls. He said Imran Khan would sweep the next general elections with a two-thirds majority. He said the coalition government was afraid of its defeat and reluctant to hold the general elections, but the PTI would not let it run away.

The country was currently in a severe economic crisis, the only solution to get out of this crisis was early elections. The federal government should announce the date for new elections before people took direct action, otherwise the ocean of people would wash them out.

He said the by-elections results were momentous for 11 PDM parties as they could not defeat even a single party. In three months, the incompetent rulers crushed people who were now worried about inflation and increasing electricity bills and taxes. The poor were suffering and the people of Pakistan would surprise the PDM once again in the general elections.

Qureshi said Imran Khan’s ideology and narrative were accepted wholeheartedly by people and they brought a revolution on July 17. In PP-217, the PTI rivals were confident because in the 2018 general elections, 35,000 votes were cast for Salman Naeem, 21,000 for the PMLN and 5,000 for the PPP and they were all together in the by-poll against the PTI. They thought that 62,000 votes were in their pocket. On the other hand, 32,000 votes were cast for the PTI.

The PMLN was confident how the PTI would outnumber 62,000 votes, but PTI workers foiled the claims of all political pundits. All eyes were on PP-217 and finally the PTI captured the slot.