Sunday June 16, 2024

Local council session: Mayor says projects on cards for Mardan uplift

By Mohammad Riaz Mayar
July 23, 2022

MARDAN: The local government in Mardan will continue the “Stori Da Mardan” project to encourage talented students to pursue education.

Addressing the local council session, Mayor Mardan Himayatullah Mayar said, they would launch the “Rokhana Saboon Programme” to provide stationery and uniform to needy students.

Babar Khan presided over the local council session, which was attended by elected chairman, members, government officials and journalists.

Himayatullah Mayar said that after the neighbourhood and village council budget, the city local council would present its budget. The mayor said the city local government would allocate funds for sanitation, development and TMA for upgradation and new machinery.

Funds would be allocated for the establishment of fish farms, he said, adding that people would be able to set up their own fish farms at home. He said the women would also be able to start their own businesses. The city local government would provide funds to establish fish farms, he added. He added new projects would be launched to benefit farmers.

He added a community and skills centre would be established to empower the women through learning modern skills. Funds would be allocated for the establishment of Darul Aman where learning opportunities would be given to women, he added.

The mayor further said that funds would be allocated to establish playgrounds in different areas.

“We will start awareness programmes, hold workshops and launch exchange programmes to promote higher education,” he said. He said steps would be taken to repair the out of order traffic lights and solve traffic problems.

“We will establish libraries where people would study books about Islam and the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He added training sessions, seminars and learning tours would be arranged for elected members of the city council.