Thursday August 18, 2022

International Silk Road Congress held at NUST

June 26, 2022

Islamabad : NUST and Ankara Centre of Thought and Research (ADAM-ACTR) joint conference on Economic, Social and Political Relations between Turkey and Pakistan held on Saturday in NUST, Islamabad.

The main theme of the conference based on the History of Turkey-Pakistan relations; Economic, financial, commercial, and international cooperation opportunities; the Role of Islamic Economics and Finance on Development, and the Social and Cultural Relations between Pakistan and Turkey.

The Pro Rector (Research, Innovation & Commercialization) NUST Dr Rizwan Riaz welcomed guests and opened the conference with a welcoming speech. He expressed how crucial the relations between the two countries are, by saying “Turkey is our brother country”.

Prof. Mehmat Bulut (President of Ankara centre of thought & research)) stated that in recent years Turkey has increased its activity, both in its own geography, but also in the status of countries that are far from region but not developed economically. South-Asia is at the forefront of geographical areas where Turkey has increased its activity outside the region.

He added that Pakistan with a serious Muslim population in order to determine the current economic situation in South Asia especially in Pakistan where Turkey's new foreign policy statement corresponds, to take lessons from history and to photograph the future vision with new economic cooperation possibilities. Moreover, Turkish Charge de Affairs in Pakistan Esra Sen highlighted that universities associated with ADAM-ACTR will have an important pool of resources at the academic dimension to produce policies that will trigger regional development and growth.

He added that forging of bilateral relations between Pakistan and Turkey can be traced back to the time of British India before Pakistan was born but the Pakistan Movement was well underway.

The speakers at the conference provided a roadmap to stimulate and disseminate new research on economic cooperation between Turkey and Pakistan. They added that in the last few years, the perceptions and interests of Turkey and Pakistan have started to converge on a number of important issues. For over half century, Turkey and Pakistan remained close friends.

Their multidimensional relationship showed the same spirit of brotherhood as prevailed during centuries old ties between Indian Muslims and the Ottoman Empire, later the Republic of Turkey. Ideologically, however, they were poles apart – Turkey, when it became a Republic, pursued secularism while Pakistan adhered to the Islamic ideology as the centrepiece of its nationhood. But these differences of ideology, with their corresponding reflections on their respective external outlook, never hampered the course of friendly bilateral ties.