Tuesday August 16, 2022

Never-ending crisis

June 26, 2022

Everywhere we look, we see worried faces that are unable to figure out how to run their households. Our country’s fast-growing middle-class population had just gone a notch above their present financial standing when the 2018 elections took place and Imran Khan assumed power. His policies resulted in unbearable inflation. However, people continued working hard and gained enough strength to deal with the situation. In 2020, the Covid pandemic turned the world upside down, making a majority of people jobless and pushing them below the poverty line. People were struggling to come out of their financial crisis when the VONC happened. This year was supposed to be a year of recovery for us. However, it has now pushed us down the abyss once again. We do not know for how long this crisis will continue, but we request the government to think about the salaried middle class.

Manzoor Raza