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‘Suicide Point’, a play full of life

By Our Correspondent
June 19, 2022

LAHORE : Ajoka’s art of acting students put up a polished and meaningful performance before a packed audience at PILAC, Lahore on Saturday.

“Suicide Point”, written by Ajoka’s Art of Writing student Ummer Amin, and directed by Ajoka Institute director Nirvaan Nadeem, the play presents a business outlet offering “convenient and affordable suicide”. The witty and fast-moving script revolves around the manager of Suicide Point who deals with clients such as a student who has failed in exam, a jilted liver, a businessman who is burdened with loans and a property tycoon who has bought a ticket to Paradise.

The cast, all first time actors, included Rai Kamran Ali, Sanaiya Aftab, Ibtihaj Ahmed, M Asif Ali, Hammad Yousaf, Muzamil Khokhar, M Abbas Salotra, Hassan Atif, Ahmad Shaykh, Zain ul Abideen, Rai Aon, Zahra Imran & Shehrooz.