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Pakistanis lead 24 nations in patriotism: survey

By News Desk
June 16, 2022

ISLAMABAD: According to a Gallup survey, Pakistanis are ahead of the people of 24 countries of the world in patriotism.

As many as 90 percent Pakistanis expressed their deep association with the country and 96 percent Pakistanis are ready to defend their country in the wake of a war and 70 percent Pakistanis do not want to leave the country despite having good opportunities abroad.

It has been revealed in the surveys of Gallup Pakistan and Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research. In these surveys, over 19,000 people of 24 countriesparticipated and in Pakistan 500 to 1,300 people became part of this exercise, which was carried out from March 16, 2022 to March 23, 2022 and from April 5, 2022 to April 8, 2022.

In the ratio of the people having deep love for the country, Pakistanis are ahead of the other nations as 90 percent Pakistanis express deep affiliation with the motherland while only one percent say they have affiliation with the country to some extent and 8 percent say they do not feel any association with the country. If aggregate average of the 24 countries is viewed, 63 percent express their deep association with the country, 20 percent show association to some extent while 14 percent express no affiliation with the country.

After Pakistan, in Finland 87 percent, in Canada 82 percent, in Japan 78 percent people are deeply affiliated with their country. As per Gallup survey, 70 percent Pakistanis say that they will not leave the country despite better opportunities abroad while 26 percent Pakistanis show their willingness to go abroad. One youngster among three shows his desire to go abroad in case of better opportunity abroad. In survey, 96 percent Pakistanis express their readiness for the defence of the country while three percent refused to do so.

Among 24 countries, 45 percent people showed their readiness for defence of the country while 36 percent refused to do so. After Pakistan, 85 percent people in Turkey expressed readiness for the defence of the country. In the wake of war, 68 percent people in the Netherlands refused to defend the country and 48 percent people in Japan appeared doing nothing for the country’s defence.