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6,000 sacrificial animals reach Sohrab Goth market from Sahiwal

This year the number of sheep and goats was higher than of other animals in the market

By Our Correspondent
June 09, 2022
A doctor is examining sacrificial animals before they enter Sohrab Goth sacrificial animal market. -INP
A doctor is examining sacrificial animals before they enter Sohrab Goth sacrificial animal market. -INP

Over 6,000 sacrificial animals, including cows, sheep and goats, reached the Sohrab Goth cattle market from Sahiwal on Wednesday.

According to the details shared by the cattle market’s media department, animals from across the country were arriving in huge numbers. This year the number of sheep and goats was higher than of other animals in the market. The process of establishing pens in the VIP block of the cattle market had been expedited. Stalls owners were decorating their camps in their own style.

Administrator Sohrab Goth cattle market Muzaffar Hassan said there were 21 to 22 stalls in the VIP block. “Local farmers are also eagerly waiting for entry into the market. The VIP block is particularly decorated for the display of the finest sacrificial animals from across Pakistan,” he said. The cattle market was witnessing a steady influx of animals from all over the country. A team of doctors had been thoroughly examining the animals before letting them enter the market. After complete medical examination, a clearance certificate was issued which the cattle owners were required to show at the main gate to bring their cattle into the market,” the administrator explained.

Incharge Medical Team Umar Agha said the entry of the animals into the market was prohibited until they show the clearance certificate issued by the medical team present at the cattle market. Medicines, he said, were being provided to animals that had cold, flu or fever. Efforts were being made to provide all kinds of facilities to the cattle dealers so that people could get a healthy animal for sacrifice on Eidul Azha.

Sindh IGP holds meeting

The Sindh police chief has ordered devising and executing a contingency plan for all the animal markets that have been set up across the province.

IGP Ghulam Nabi Memon has also ordered strengthening the process of monitoring and receiving instructions from the Central Command & Control Centre, and stressed on better coordination.

According to officials, Memon has directed the police to ensure devising and immediately implementing a contingency plan that consists of ensuring extraordinary security measures at animal markets established across the province under regular permission, including on the Super Highway.

The police chief has emphasised that in the overall security matters, coordinated liaison with the Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, and other law enforcement agencies, and the overall law and order situation should be kept in view. He said that with regard to concrete security and traffic measures, steps should be taken to set up animal markets only at designated places, and all measures against illegal set-ups should be made effective at every level.

He also said that all the main routes to and from the Super Highway animal market must be surveyed in terms of police stations in the surrounding areas, including sub-routes, and raids should be conducted under regular surveillance and identification in the areas potentially affected by crime.

He ordered that patrolling, picketing and random snap checking at the level of police stations on highways and other highways should be tightened for the security of various vehicles carrying animals and traders.

The IGP said that apart from setting up temporary police pickets to protect buyers and traders at the animal markets, all security and traffic measures at vehicle parking lots should be made exceptional, and the responsibilities of the Bomb Disposal Squad, including recce and surveillance, should be curtailed.

He said that all possible steps should be taken for continuous liaison with the relevant police stations, including zonal and district wireless bases, to help the officials engaged in the affairs of the animal market contingency plan.

He also said that to maintain law and order in the city, and to monitor possibly suspicious activities and criminal elements in different areas, measures like the implementation of the necessary instructions issued by the Central Command & Control Centre at the Central Police Office are also contingent.