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Chinese scholarships for water conservancy professionals

May 24, 2022

Islamabad:The Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Education, China have jointly implemented the ‘Chinese Government Scholarship on Senior Water Conservancy Professional’ to select government officials across the world responsible for water conservancy policy to pursue their master’s degree in China at Hohai University.

Under the Scholarships programme, the government officials from project management and river basin planning and governance, young experts in water engineering related fields from scientific research institutions and engineers of water conservancy enterprises would also be selected to pursue their master’s degree in China at Hohai University.

According to official sources from Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan, in that regard, the China’s Hohai University has announced May 25, 2022 (Wednesday) as deadline to apply for Master’s Programme of senior water conservancy.

The University informed that more than 100 candidates from Belt and Road countries have learned advanced experience and technologies in China’s water resources management, water conservancy project construction, and other fields, and have participated in extensive cultural exchange activities.

In 2022, the programme will provide 20 scholarships dedicated to the applicants from the member states of UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP), especially those from the Belt and Road countries, African countries, and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education, the Hohai University has upgraded itself with good momentum of development in hydraulic engineering and water resources as its main focus, education of engineering subjects as its first priority, and coordinated development of a wide array of disciplines.

The university is a state key university under the ‘Double First-Rat’ discipline plan, with national level innovation platforms as well as the graduate school. Over the past 100 years, HHU has contributed greatly to the nation’s rejuvenation in the course of water governance and enjoyed a high reputation as China’s cradle of hydropower innovators and entrepreneurs and a hub of water science and technology innovation.

It is located in the Yangtze River Delta region, one of China’s most economically active, open and innovative regions and currently comprises 3 campuses in Jiangsu Province (Xikang Road Campus and Jiangning Campus in Nanjing and Changzhou Campus in Changzhou).

Being first batch of universities authorized to grant doctoral, master and bachelor’s degrees to international students, HHU has cultivated thousands of international talents so far. Diploma, Graduation and Degree Awarding The standard master’s length of schooling is set to 3 years (no less than 2 years & no more than 5 years).

Those who have completed all courses stipulated in the academic plan and passed all the exams and thesis defence shall be awarded the graduate diploma. Those who pass the degree examination shall be awarded the corresponding academic degree.

As per application requirements the applicant should have a relevant bachelor’s degree with the applied major or above, under age 35 (born after Sep.

1st, 1987), be healthy physically and mentally, abide by Chinese laws and regulations, respect Chinese traditions and customs. Sharing the details of specialization subjects, the university said that it included Hydrology and Water Resources, Hydraulics and River Dynamics, Hydraulic Structure Engineering, Water Conservancy & Hydropower Engineering, Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Public Administration, and Resettlement Science and Engineering.

The desired applicants are asked to complete Chinese Government Scholarship online application via (Agency number:10294, type: B); complete Hohai University online application via; and send application form to,

The scholarship consists of tuition, accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance and living allowance 3000 RMB Yuan/month, international airfare not included.

For further information, the applicants are asked to contact International School, Hohai University Website: