Thursday July 07, 2022

Accountability now

May 24, 2022

In our country, accountability should go beyond money matters. For the last 74 years, powerful personalities have been playing with the destiny of the nation, and no one is held accountable at the end of his/her tenure. In the present case, a leader and his economic team brought the country to the brink of disaster; he was thrown out constitutionally, and yet there is no law to make him accountable for his poor performance. Instead of getting punished, the same leader has now started pressurizing the entire system for early elections. All the main organs of the state are forced to accept the terms of a ‘handsome’ man. This is a cruel joke with our country, and nowhere in the civilized countries are such practices allowed. If we do not make our leaders accountable, this country will have no future at all.

Zahid Ali Khan