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World's longest hair is longer than world's tallest man

Aliia Nasyrova, real-life Rapunzel has longest hair in world

By Web Desk
May 08, 2024
Meet real-life Rapunzel with worlds longest hair. — GWR
Meet real-life Rapunzel with world's longest hair. — GWR

Real-life Rapunzel Aliia Nasyrova has the longest hair in the world.

Consequently, she is used to turning heads because of her impossibly long and gorgeous hair as she walks down the street, according to Guinness World Records.

As of now, its 257.33 cm (8 ft 5.3 in) length officially makes her the person with the longest hair.

On the set of an Italian TV series Lo Show dei Record, which aired last night, Aliia, who is from Ukraine, was revealed as the record holder.

She has hair locks which are even longer than the world’s tallest man Sultan Kösen and her hair is over 3 ft longer than she is tall, standing at 165 cm (5 ft 4 in).

Interestingly, Aliia has never had a proper haircut. Moreover, she hopes her record can "inspire people to enjoy human beauty and be natural."

She now resides in Slovakia and makes her living as an artist and graphic illustrator as well as a long hair model.

In order to keep it strong and healthy, Aliia, who regularly posts content on her Instagram and YouTube accounts, has only ever had her hair slightly trimmed.