Sunday July 03, 2022

Country fund

May 23, 2022

It seems that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. From government officials to ordinary people, everyone is looking for a remedy. Rising inflation is creating never-ending financial issues for the middle and poor classes. Pakistani currency is losing its value on a daily basis. The incumbent government is responsible for getting the country out of this situation. One thinks that the government should consider setting up a ‘country fund’ under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

The country’s top landlords and industrialists should donate a fixed amount to the fund on a monthly basis. Overseas Pakistanis may also be requested to generously donate to the fund. Owners of 500-square-yard houses should pay a ten percent extra property tax that should be directly deposited in the fund. Individuals who earn more than 0.3 million must pay an extra five percent tax. These steps will help Pakistan come out of its financial crisis.

Dr Syed Qamar Abbas