Tuesday July 05, 2022

United we stand

May 20, 2022

Many columnists and letter-writers have talked about the harmful effects of the current political uncertainty on Pakistan’s critical economic situation. Almost everyone agrees that this is not the time to play politics and call for early elections. It seems that this advice has no effect on Imran Khan who continues to motivate his supporters to march to Islamabad to demand early elections. Does he realize that besides complicating the current critical economic situation in the country, a long march in this sweltering heat will create more problems for him? How is he going to arrange food, water, temporary shelter and other important facilities for all those who will come to the capital to join his sit-in?

Our financial team is in Doha, Qatar for talks with the IMF that wants us to take tough decisions. This is not possible without a national consensus. Imran Khan, like many other political leaders, should prepare the nation for accepting IMF conditions. Our nation must prepare itself for facing hardships now for a comfortable future.

Hameed Akhtar Niazi