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SP faces inquiry for torture, fake case charges

By Arshad Dogar
May 19, 2022

LAHORE: SP Hafeez-ur-Rehman Bugti, who served in two police divisions of Lahore, is facing an enquiry for allegedly harassing a senior executive officer of a private firm, contracting marriage with his former wife, implicating him in an FIR and subjecting him and his family members to torture with the help of his former subordinates.

Punjab IG Rao Sardar Ali Khan has ordered a regular departmental enquiry against the SP to DIG Internal Accountability Bureau (IAB) Raja Riffat Mukhtar. The DIG will initiate enquiry on Thursday (today).

A parallel departmental enquiry has already been initiated by SSP Operations Lahore on the orders of former DIG Operations Dr Abid Khan against seven police officers and officials to ascertain allegations. SP Bugti had also joined the enquiry of SSP Operations Lahore on Monday along with a lady and submitted his statements.

Complainant Sajjad Nadeem Hashmi talking to The News claimed that he appeared before the then SP Sadar Operations Hafeez-ur-Rehman Bugti along with his ex-wife V in December 2020 to get the issue of her car ownership with a private firm resolved.

The complainant alleged that SP Bugti started making phone calls to his wife. He alleged that on May 9, 2021, he had found him present at his house in Architect Society late at night. He also made call at Rescue 15. The SP reportedly took oath on Quran not to do so again and requested the complainant not to file any complaint against him to IG for the sake of his career.

However, the SP eventually convinced her to get divorce from him in June 2021, the complainant alleged. The complainant filed a civil suit to get the possession of his house as he claimed that he had paid all amount of the house. Hashmi’s brother-in-law Shaukat Gill, who’s chief executive officer of his private firm, had also filed an application with Hascol Company against V levelling charges of fraud.

According to the applications submitted to AIG Complainants and other forums of Punjab police, SP Bugti hurled life threats to Sajjad Hashmi on March 25, 2022. He reportedly hurled threats to his brother who is an orthopedic surgeon in Agha Khan Hospital Karachi to withdraw civil suit and to stop pursuing other applications against Bugti.

On April 18, 2022, Sajjad Hashmi was picked up from the office of his friend Suhail in DHA Phase 6 by a team of ‘police commandoes’ at 7:15 pm. He and his friend was brutally tortured, their cellphones and laptops were snatched.

They were blindfolded like terrorists and took to South Cantt police station. They were reportedly thrown on floor and a video of torture was also recorded to show to the colleagues of the victims.

It is worth mentioning here that the police raid was conducted at around 7:15 pm in Defence while FIR No. 971/22 under section 506 of PPC on the complaint of Sajjad Hashmi’s ex-wife V was registered at South Cantt PS at 9:40 pm on the same date.

Later on, another team of ‘police commandoes’ allegedly raided the house of Sajjad Hashmi’s brother-in-law Shaukat Gill at 12:15 am in Johar Town. Police team broke the door open, barged into the bedroom, thrashed Shaukat Gill, manhandled his wife and beat up their minor children. Shaukat Gill was also taken to South Cant police station.

At 2:30 am, Shaukat and Sajjad Hashmi’s friend Suhail were allowed to go home while their belongings including laptops and cell phones were kept in police custody. Sajjad Hashmi was in bars and then shifted to a room.

The incident took the attention of senior officers of Lahore police the other day. SP Sadr Investigation Imran Khokhar visited the PS South Cantt and got him released after it was proved that the FIR was not true.

Police reportedly deleted all data from cellphones and laptops of victims and removed hard disk and memory cards in an attempt to save accused V from the said fraud case in Hascol. A tab, hard disk, a cellphone and memory cards are still in police custody.

The initial inquiry proved that at least 14 cops from Badamibagh, Mochi Gate and South Cantt police stations under two SHOs of the said police stations to conduct raids. SP Cantt Essa Sukhera was also reportedly taken on board to register FIR and conduct inhumane raids.

The FIR got registered by V was discharged within four days of its registration as it was proved fake having no facts on ground.The incumbent DIG Operations Dr Raja Abid Khan ordered SSP Operations Lahore to hold regular departmental enquiry against seven officers and officials, who were suspended during initial fact finding report.

The accused officers/ officials included SHO South Cantt Inspector Wajih ul Hassan Rizvi, SHO Badamibagh Imran Khan Niazi, T/ASI Asad Maqbool. PS Mochi Gate, T/ASI Syed Tafheem Mehdi and HC Khalid Naveed of PS Badamibagh and T/ASI Naeem Sadiq and ASI Imran Khan of PS South Cantt.

It is interesting to mention here that accused SHO of South Cantt Wajih ul Hassan Rizvi had been reappointed as SHO Defence-A by the same DIG who had suspended him. The complainant has alleged that the accused cops are being reinstated so that they could not become approvers against the PSP Officer.

Enquiry officer Mustansar Feroze talking to The News said that he has initiated regular departmental enquiry on Monday. Both parties appeared before him and presented their versions. Written statements are also being taken from the SP and his wife V. SSP said he would conclude enquiry within a week or so on merit.

To a question about the role of SP Cantt Essa Sukhera, the SSP said that he would also be asked to explain whether the due process for the registration of FIR was adopted or not. To another question, he said he would also collect findings of SSP Investigation Imran Kishwar which would support other relevant evidence.

SP Cantt Essa Sukhera talking to The News said there was no malafide intention in the registration of said FIR.He claimed e-tag was issued and application was submitted. However, when he was told that the raid was conducted at 7:15 pm and FIR was registered at 9:40 pm without conducting initial inquiry, he had no answer to give.

Talking to The News, SP Hafeez-ur-Rehman Bugti alleged that Sajjad Hashmi was an obsessed person rather a psychological case. He added Sajjad had contracted marriage with V in 2015 and divorced her on a handwritten paper on 29 June 2018.

The SP added that now V is his wife since February 2022 and he has not committed any crime by contracting legal marriage with her. About the house in Architect Society, he claimed his wife V had purchased the house herself and she made all payment from the account of her father. He said she had been paying all utility bills and property tax throughout and Hashmi has nothing to do with this property.

SP said Hashmi could not even define the map of the house how could he claim its ownership.About the divorce (khula), he said she officially got decree from the court in June 2021 but it was not unilateral as Hashmi had been appearing before the court. Sajjad also denied getting share of Haq Mmehar in anger. He said if he had the issue of house property, he would have contested during Khula case in the court. About the recoveries of his brother-in-law or fraud with him, the SP said V had cleared all their remaining balance by depositing Rs80 million in their account and she also received words of thanks from them.

SP Bugti claimed that Hashmi was terminated from Wah Nobel on corruption and he has no right to level charges of corruption on his wife who is serving in renowned firms.The SP said after Hashmi gave hand-written divorce to V and after that he kept only business-relationship with her. However, Hashmi claimed that she was in his Nikah till June 2021 as they had also travelled to Baku and Dubai and lived together as husband and wife in 2019.

About his brother, who is orthopedic surgeon in Agha Hospital, SP said he had met with him for over 40 minutes and requested to decide the matter on table but he refused saying the issue has been highlighted with the top commands.

The SP said as Hashmi got to know about V’s marriage with him, he hatched a plot for mudslinging. He also posted her pictures on Facebook after which he (SP) had also filed an application with FIA.

After this malicious propaganda against a public office holder, the SP said he has surrendered himself legally, morally, financially and officially to the enquiry officers and he would contest his case.

He said he had also asked former police officer Aziz Ullah Khan to decide the issue on merit being their relative but he did not take interest.

About the first appearance of V before him in December 2020, the SP said she had visited him and other enquiry officers alone and it could be checked on record.He categorically rejected the allegation of May 9, 2022 regarding his presence in 85/B house late at night.

About the police raids in Defence and Johar Town and subsequent torture on Hashmi and his brother-in-law, he said he would not deny allegations as the enquiry is under way and let it take its course for departmental action.

Moreover, he said he had also met with the PSO to IG Faisal Shahzad to constitute a panel of enquiry officers of Hashmi’s choice and get a written statement from him that the panel’s enquiry would be the last and final and he is ready to appear before the panel in every respect to defend the allegations.

SP’s wife V talking to The News said if it would have been a happy married life then why she would have opted for divorce. She said no woman takes this stigma if she is happy with her husband. She added she is a strong headed woman and she would contest her case no matter how much he launches media campaign or propaganda against her and her husband SP Bugti.