Sunday November 27, 2022

Pak delegates visit Israel?

The Pakistani Americans delegation included Ahmed Quraishi who happens to be an employee of the state TV

May 16, 2022
Pak delegates visit Israel?

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani Americans delegation visited Israel last week apparently to promote Israeli-Pakistani relations, according to foreign media reports.

The visit was sponsored by a pro-Israel civil group Sharaka (“Partnership” in Arabic) established in 2020 after the signing of The Abraham Accords and recognition of Israel by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

The group works for connecting Israel with Gulf countries. Presently it has three operational divisions located in Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.

Sharaka, in a tweet, said it was “honored to bring a delegation of Muslims and Sikhs from southeast Asia including the first Pakistani Jew allowed to travel to Israel to visit Israeli President Issac Herzog. The delegates spoke to the President about their efforts to develop relationships with Israel. ”

The Pakistani delegation was headed by a Pakistani-American lobbyist in the US, Aneela Ali. The delegation comprised Pakistanis as well as Muslims from other countries. A foreign media outlet said “the delegation met top Israeli leadership including Israeli President. Some 'famous' faces from Pakistani media fraternity are also part of the delegation. Some even work for state media.”

The Pakistani Americans delegation included Ahmed Quraishi who happens to be employee of the state TV. 

The former Minister of Human Rights, Dr. Shireen Mazari, criticized Ahmed Quraishi in a tweet. Responding to the criticism, Ahmed Quraishi tweeted: “Dr. Shireen Mazari, today's self-appointed top PTI anti-Israel crusader, was DG ISSI (Institute of Stategic Studies Islamabad) in 2005 when her boss, then FM Kasuri, held first official Pakistan-Israel meeting in Turkey, after which Israel waived import license requirement for for Israeli businessmen trading with Pakistan, saved her job by not objecting … to her boss … and continued in her position until 2008.”

Quraishi also tweeted Kasuri’s pictures with his Israeli counterpart. 

In June 2021, reports surfaced about Imran government’s advisers’ visit of Israel. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto had stated then that there is something fishy about Pakistani officials’ visit of Israel. After a few days, the advisers denied the visit.

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An Israeli newspaper, Israel Hayom, had reported the visit citing its sources in Islamabad. The then advisers, Moeed Yusuf and Zulfi Bukhari, had denied the report. Those days, social media was also rife with reports that since Imran Khan’s former spouse belongs to a Jewish family, attempts are being made to establish relations with Israel. These attempts went to the backburner due to country’s fragile economy and political crisis. Isreal has established diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Jordan and Bahrain.


    Shahid K. commented 6 months ago

    This is a private Pakistani delegation and should not be given much importance as it cannot harm any country's interests.

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      Adeel Ahmed commented 6 months ago

      When you say Pakistani delegation, it cannot be private.

      Amjad commented 6 months ago

      The Pakistani American delegation included Ahmed Quraishi who happens to be an employee of the state TV.

      Naveed Yousaf commented 6 months ago

      Seems like you are also a private Pakistani and we don't want to consider your opinion as well

      Hussain commented 6 months ago

      They are not even Pakistani's. They are dual citizenship holders. They don't count for shit. They don't represent anything but themselves. They are just trying to incite Pakistani people against their givernment and nothing else.

      Mehmood Bhanji commented 6 months ago

      SALAM Who should we give IMPORTANCE to. People make the difference. The people who went to Israel seeking Peace through dialogue. There are more concerned about the PALESTINIAN than those who opposed their noble initiative. Those who participate get a seat at the TABLE.

    Is Fazalur Rehman knows about it? commented 6 months ago

    Does Fazalur Rehman knows about it?

    12 6

      Saryawala commented 6 months ago

      These are ex Pakistanis trying to please the American gov't.

    Kazmi commented 6 months ago

    Israel should accept rights of Palestinians.

    32 4

      YashKohli commented 6 months ago

      You must accept the state of Israel first and stop terrorism in Israel.

      worried about rights commented 6 months ago

      So they will continue killing civilians and you are worried about rights

    Anwar Baig commented 6 months ago

    The matter is state-to-state relationship, visiting private members to Israel maybe for tourism. Visiting Israel may bring positive results but it must be direct from Pakistan. In Pakistan, people are allergic to third-party interference.

    3 5

    Faheem Ahmad commented 6 months ago

    Agar dialog kai lia gaihn hai tou galat kya hai? Kya pata inou nai palestine par jo hoaraha hai us par baat kinhou aur un ko kaha hou kai palestine par hamla mat karai...dilog sai hi dunya againbarhti hai..aur palestine ka masla dialog sai hi hal hoskta

    2 10

      ighulabani commented 6 months ago

      Aaj tak aik Bhi dialogue between both parties bata do Jo Israel nay accept kiye Hain yeh Qoum hi baywaqoof hai Jo MERI party MERI party Karti hai koi Palestinian mulk ka Nahi sochta

    Ahmad Faheem commented 6 months ago

    Hope they talked about Palestine Rights there as well.

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    M. Saeed Awan commented 6 months ago

    If we have relations with arch-rival India, then what's the harm with Israel. We can continue support to Palestine

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    SRH Hashmi commented 6 months ago

    Please correct the last line in the report. Saudi Arabia does not have diplomatic relations with Israel.

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    Parvez Iqbal commented 6 months ago

    The lame excuse from Billo Rani is that even countries in ME who had gripes with Israel have recognised them. The half-wit is ignorant of Father of Nation's explicit policy regarding Israel that there will be no recognition of the Zionist state till there's a free Palestine.

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    Zahid commented 6 months ago

    Israel has technology that Pakistan can benefit from. Arabs due to whom we shunned Israel have recognized them. Why are we more loyal to the pope than the pope himself?

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    Shehzad Khan commented 6 months ago

    well, I personally think it's okay. If KSA, UAE and Bahrain recognized Israel, why can't we do that? Pakistan should not only recognize Israel but should also develop trade, educational and cultural ties. We need to change with the changing time.

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    Mussarat Hussain commented 6 months ago

    Why cat has through the mouth of DIESEL now

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    Saad Musthafa commented 6 months ago

    First of all, we don't care who visits Israel for any reason. Pakistan will never recognise terrorist state aka zionist movement.

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