Wednesday May 25, 2022

COMSATS varsity issues notice to Gill’s wife for returning Rs16.8m

Izza Asad Rasul was bound to complete her PhD degree by 2016 and serve at the university after returning to Pakistan, said the COMSATS University notice

By News Desk & Azaz Syed
May 13, 2022
Shahbaz Gill. Photo: The News/File
Shahbaz Gill. Photo: The News/File

ISLAMABAD: COMSATS University, Islamabad, has issued a show-cause notice to Izza Asad Rasul, the spouse of former SAPM Shahbaz Gill, asking her to pay back Rs16.8 million for breaching contract terms.

According to a show-cause notice, which is available with The News, Izza proceeded to the USA for pursuing MS leading to PhD studies on the expenses of public exchequer in 2011; however, she did not return even after around 11 years.

Izza Asad Rasul was awarded a scholarship from COMSATS University to pursue MS leading to PhD studies in the field of Labour and Industrial Relations at the University of Illinois, USA. COMSATS and the PhD scholar inked an agreement. According to it, she was bound to complete her PhD degree by 2016 and serve at the university after returning to Pakistan, said the notice.

However, she breached the agreement as she failed to complete her PhD degree by the stipulated time-frame. In addition, she was also irregular in submitting her academic progress reports contrary to the mandatory requirement of submitting them every six months.

“This office sent you repeated reminders to submit the progress reports on regular basis, but you neither responded, nor complied,” said the show-cause notice. It added COMSATS released $99,000 and Rs86,000 in an account of tuition fee, living allowance and air fare from the government funds.

The show-cause notice asked Izza to pay back the amount incurred on her studies along with 25 percent penalty as per the terms of the agreement. Notably, the cumulative dues (actual amount plus 25 percent penalty) on Izza tend to be around Rs16.8 million.

The university sources said that Shahbaz Gill kept using his influence on the university to stop action against her. The News attempted to take the version of Shahbaz Gill on the issue but he refused to comment. In addition, Shahbaz was also sent a questionnaire for days ago but he did not reply it.

However, taking his Twitter handle, Gill gave his reaction on the news story after it was broken by Geo News. He tweeted the student received merit-based scholarship prior to his government, adding it was MS leading to PhD program, the PhD is still underway which can be confirmed by the university. He said his wife will return to Pakistan next year after completion of her PhD studies. "A smear campaign is being run against me and the news story is part of it and I know who is involved in it," tweeted Gill.


    Ahmed commented 2 weeks ago

    What other response would one expect from someone who excels in lying and deceiving?

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    Bingo commented 2 weeks ago

    So all political figures are the same ... arrogant & untouchable

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    Aman commented 2 weeks ago

    Why the uni kept quiet from 2016 to 2018 when Shahbaz Gill was not in power. This is all nonsense and the Uni must not be a part of Political blame game.

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    Khalid Mahmood commented 2 weeks ago

    PTI is gang of crooks. We can expect every nasty thing from them.

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    Saud khan commented 2 weeks ago

    She must return the money if she had and the court must take action Rules are same for everyone. We are gonna destroy by paying taxes and elite class makes the benefits. its a kind of stupidity to the Nation and hypocrisy.....,,,

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    Fouzi commented 2 weeks ago

    I believe this is the real"Azadi" their party is struggling for

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    Tazaad Khan commented 2 weeks ago

    What was name of the PTI supporter who went to New Zealand on scholarship and never came back?

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