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Roads lined up with purple flowers

By Our Correspondent
May 08, 2022

Islamabad : The roads are lined up with jacaranda trees and their purple flowers and green spaces are now showing more spectacular beauty to the visitors that will remain there for quite some time.

According to the nature lovers, the colour of the flowers is often debated-is it indigo, blue or purple? Well, it is all of them and more as the color ranges from deeper to lighter shades depending on the changing season.

Their fern-like foliage and the graceful, wide canopy are providing filtered shade to the visitors in rising atmospheric temperature.

When it comes to a combination of eye-catching flowers and a stunning shade tree, one cannot ignore jacarandas trees that have become one of the symbols of natural beauty.

Jacarandas are beautiful, exploding into purple on the peaceful link roads and streets of Islamabad, carpeting the ground with purple bell flowers.

Twice a year, Jacaranda trees burst into a glut of purple colour but it is more mesmerising to see Jacarandas during spring ruffling by soft breezes. This purple cannot be ignored, it is for many like a tree singing.

These trees were originated from Brazil and are now admired for their beautiful and vibrant purple blooms all over the world.

Jacaranda blossoms are abundant in late spring, from late April through to early June. If the air temperature in the beginning of spring is high, jacarandas start blooming in March. Some time ago, jacarandas used to bloom twice a year with the secondary season occurring around September.

They keep their roots safe in underground while they get hurt outside because sooner or later it will be over and they have to blossom again to add a charm to nature.

Jacaranda is an invasive weed but it has shown no harmful effects on natural environment and health of local people as well that most of other invasive species did in the federal capital.