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Imran Khan retained all gifts he got as PM

Imran Khan paid Rs38 million for the gifts valued at Rs140 million and other gifts worth Rs800,200 were retained without making any payment

April 16, 2022
Imran Khan. Photo: PID
Imran Khan. Photo: PID 

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Imran Khan received 58 gifts of more than Rs140 million from the world leaders during his three-and-a-half-year stint and retained all of them either by paying a negligible amount or even without any payment.

The most expensive among them were, according to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, sold in Dubai. Information obtained by The News suggests that Imran had to pay in order to retain 15 expensive gifts. He paid Rs38 million for the gifts valued at Rs140 million and other gifts worth Rs800,200 were retained without making any payment. 

Among the most expensive was one set of gifts he had received after his inauguration as prime minister in August 2018. It included the Graff watch of Rs85 million that was received together with cufflinks of Rs5.67 million, a pen of Rs1.5 million and a ring of Rs8.75 million.

Their price assessment was made by the evaluation committee set up by him. All these gifts which had a total value of around Rs100 million were retained by Imran Khan in September 2018 by paying 20 percent (Rs20 million) of their estimated value.

They were subsequently sold in Dubai earning Rs155 million, alleged PM Shehbaz Sharif. It has to be determined who paid for their retention, whether Imran Khan paid any capital gains tax or not.

According to the rules, a gift received by a government functionary from a leader of another country is deposited with treasury. Those interested to retain the gift can do so by paying a certain amount of the value which was 20 percent at the time Imran Khan had retained the above-mentioned gifts. The rules were revised in December 2018 that required the payment of 50 percent to retain these gifts.

The ones which are not retained remain deposited with the treasury or can be auctioned and the money acquired through the sale is transferred to the public exchequer. Incidentally, Imran Khan had ordered filing references against former president Asif Ali Zardari and former prime ministers Nawaz Sharif and Yousaf Raza Gillani on charges of getting luxury gifts and vehicles from the treasury.

As far as the other gifts retained by Imran Khan are concerned, a set of gifts containing a Rolex watch, a pair of cufflinks, one ring and one box containing necklace, bracelet, and a pair of earrings was valued at Rs23.5 million and it was retained through Rs11.5 million. By that time, the rules were revised and retention could be done through payment of 50 percent of the total value. The other gifts included a Rolex watch worth Rs3.8 million which he had retained in October 2018 by paying around Rs754,000. Another Rolex watch of Rs1.5 million was retained in return of Rs294,000. Another set of gifts included a couple of Rolex watches, iPhone and other items was worth Rs1.73 million, which was retained for Rs338,600.


    Politically motivated propaganda. commented 3 months ago

    Jhoot.Politically motivated propaganda.

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      Farooq commented 3 months ago

      You are a stupid moron person a guy accepted that he has kept the gift and sold them you are defending him because you are a brainless youthya like patwaris and jyalas

      Hassam Moin commented 3 months ago

      Maybe it's politically motivated agenda but it's an allegation too. He should respond and clear the issues. If he really wants to create Riasat-e-Madina then he should have the courage to face the courts as well.

    Danny commented 3 months ago

    IK needs to respond to this ….public needs to know the truth whatever the case

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      Farooq commented 3 months ago

      He has nothing to say

    Salut commented 3 months ago

    Since when did the meaning of gift change lol.

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    Salman Khalid commented 3 months ago

    Lols. Story teller is Umar Cheema. How can anyone trust this news without confirmation by Imran Khan Sb.

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    Lier commented 3 months ago


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    Muhammad Fakhar Raza commented 3 months ago

    He had transferred the money into public exchequer and you didn't say that. Such type of hypocrisy is shameful for you. He'll also proves himself clean in the court

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    Abdul Rehman Talib commented 3 months ago

    Govt. Can bring a NAB reference against IK TO know the fact of these charges.

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    You dont fool any of us with your propaganda. commented 3 months ago

    You dont fool any of us with your propaganda

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    Syedi commented 3 months ago

    Even if it is the case, IK paid the major amount which is 3.8 million PKR. The only amount left unpaid is around 160,000 PKR, for gifts of 800,000, considering 20%. That is nothing compared to billions of dollars stolen by previous regimes. The News needs real news I think. Help then people.

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    اسد commented 3 months ago

    ڈٹ کے کھڑا ہے میرا کرپٹ کپتان

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    Sana malik commented 3 months ago

    Now false allegations, lies, deceit, propaganda, false witnesses, false evidences are skills of new government and we have faith in our leader. We reject all those allegations !!

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    Saria commented 3 months ago

    And what about what these corrupt people have been eating for the past 20 years please make a list of that too then we'll see who has to give how much money to the state.

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    Fenrir commented 3 months ago

    They could muster some millions Rupees' hollow allegations when they are facing billion-dollar cases against them and these were his gifts we don't mind if any leader kept them all.

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    Aziz Ahmed commented 3 months ago

    As per clarification by Imran Khan, the amount received was used to build a road in Banigala which bypassed his house which has already been signed off to be given to SKMT after his death along with all his other assets

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    Khalid Mahmood commented 3 months ago

    This speaks of character of a person. It's shameful to talk of Riasat-e- Madina. Besides these corrupt practices, the language he used in the recent past on the stage, the cheapest person would not use, certainly, he is using Islam for politics alone. He has got nothing to do with Islam.

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