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US rejects Russian charge of interference in Pak politics

By News Desk
April 07, 2022
The US State Department building. The News/File
The US State Department building. The News/File

LAHORE: The US State Department Tuesday rejected the Russian allegation of interference in Pakistan’s domestic politics, saying it “does not support one political party over another”, according to local media reports.

The statement was issued by a spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs after Prime Minister Imran Khan alleged that the US had orchestrated a plan to topple his government. When a local media outlet approached the US State Department for comment on the Russian statement, one of their spokespersons said that “there’s no truth to these allegations”.

The US official also explained the US position on the current political turmoil in Pakistan, pointing out that it had no favourites in this dispute. The official said Washington “supports the peaceful upholding of constitutional and democratic principles”.