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Broadsheet CEO says Anjum Dar had no relation with Nawaz in $25m offer

By Murtaza Ali Shah
March 25, 2022
Broadsheet CEO says Anjum Dar had no relation with Nawaz in $25m offer

LONDON: Broadsheet’s CEO Kaveh Moussavi said he investigated and established that German-Pakistani Anjum Dar was not a nephew of Nawaz Sharif, had no relation with him.

He said that Anjum Dar was not sent by the former prime minister in 2012 to offer a bribe of $25 million to end investigations into Nawaz Sharif and family although he claimed that he was Sharif’s nephew and produced their pictures together as evidence.

After apologising to Nawaz Sharif in an exclusive interview earlier this week with this correspondent, Kaveh Moussavi further revealed that Broadsheet’s investigation had now established, “The person who pretended to be the nephew of Nawaz sharif was a complete lie,” and was not linked with Nawaz Sharif in any manner.

However, it’s confirmed that Anjum Dar met Kaveh Moussavi once in Germany and twice in London offering to get the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) settled Broadsheet’s full claim of around $500 million at the time in exchange for a commission of around $25 million.

Speaking about Anjum Dar and withdrawing his own claim, Kaveh Moussavi revealed, “He (Anjum Dar) was nothing of the sort. He was a hassler. He lied that Nawaz Sharif would offer us money if we settle the case, end the investigation and go away. He was a complete lie. He was a hassler who was here to work both ends of the street.”

Kaveh Moussavi said he was aware that he would be threatened and there would be consequences for apologising to Nawaz Sharif and withdrawing all corruption allegations but he said it was his moral duty to disclose facts in full that Nawaz Sharif was not involved in corruption and his investigations had not found any assets linked with him anywhere in the world.

He said, “I owe it to the people of Pakistan to tell what the truth is and this will cost me a lot.” Last year in January, a tsunami erupted on Pakistan’s political scene when, soon after winning around $30 million from Pakistan, Kaveh Moussavi had made headlines with the claim that a Pakistani named Anjum Dar had met him once in Germany and twice in London offering $25 million to stop investigating Nawaz Sharif.

This correspondent had carried out an investigation into Kaveh’s claim and tracked Anjum Dar to Germany. The contents of the investigation were published in The News and Geo on Feb 21, 2021. Anjum Dar had rejected the claim that he offered $25 million bribe to Kaveh Moussavi on behalf of Nawaz Sharif but he did confirm he was looking for commission and bragged up his credentials as someone close to Nawaz Sharif and family to impress the Broadsheet CEO.

This correspondent has gone through the email trail between Anjum Dar and Kaveh Moussavi clearly showing that Anjum Dar engaged with the Broadsheet at great lengths promising that he could get the dispute resolved as long as he’s paid commission for successfully negotiating $500 million from the government of Pakistan. Kaveh Moussavi was awarded over $30 million by the London High Court last year but his original claim was for nearly $500 million from Pakistan.

Last year pictures of Anjum Dar with Nawaz Sharif appeared in the media after Kaveh named Anjum Dar and these pictures were made in Jati Umra on August 30 2012 – around the time the two were in frequent contact. Email evidence shows that Anjum Dar had sent his three pictures with Nawaz Sharif to the asset recovery firm's CEO on September 3, 2012 from Lahore to show him he was dealing with Nawaz Sharif and was close to him.

Dar had said he was keen to work with Moussavi to see if his settlement could be reached with Pakistan. Originally from Lahore, Dar has been living and working in Germany for over 40 years. In the end of 2011, Dar met Moussavi's cousin Bagher and then got in touch with Kaveh with the proposal as Anjum Dar already knew about the worth of the case.

Several emails were exchanged between Anjum Dar and Kaveh Moussavi and in one email Anjum Dar assured him that he was willing to take up this matter with someone in Pakistan if he could see some proof of assets recoveries, bank accounts, and other assets as he claimed to have found.

Moussavi and Dar met at the Hamburg Airport on July 28, 2012 where Moussavi gave Dar a list of “targets” containing around 136 names that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had provided to Broadsheet LCC and also showed him other material related to investigations.

Anjum Dar told this correspondent that he had met Nawaz Sharif through a PMLN Punjab leader but didn’t discuss anything related to Broadsheet or the NAB. Talks between Dar and Moussavi broke down in 2013 when there was no progress in the resolution of the case as Anjum Dar had promised in exchange for his commission.