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Accord signed to provide health insurance coverage to Lakhra coal miners

By Our Correspondent
March 25, 2022

An agreement has been signed to provide complete health insurance coverage to the miners working at the Lakhra coal mines in Sindh whose lives are continuously at risk due to frequent accidents during the conventional mining process at the mining site in the Jamshoro district.

A ceremony was recently held at a hotel in Karachi to sign an agreement for the health insurance coverage for the labourers associated with the Lakhra coal mines. Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh was the chief guest at the event that was also attended by miners.

The minister said the health insurance facility was being launched as per the vision of the Pakistan Peoples Party whose leadership always cared for the safety, security and welfare of the coal miners.

He commended the hard work of the miners who worked in precarious conditions every day to enable the province to earn revenue through its hard-to-reach mineral resources. He said the Sindh government wanted to provide the health insurance coverage to the labourers associated with all the conventional mining sites in the province.

Sheikh also warned all the coal mine owners in the province to ensure safety and welfare of their miners or else their mining leases would be cancelled by the government. Sindh Lakhra Coal Mining Company CEO Khaddim Hussain Channa told the audience that all the necessary emergency relief and rescue services, including a dispensary and ambulance, were available at the mining site for the miners who frequently got injured due to accidents during the mining operation. He said the insurance facility would provide complete coverage for the treatment of the injured miners and also for the payment of compensation in case of accidental deaths.