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Minister’s special interest ensures return of FIFA House

By Abdul Mohi Shah
March 13, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination’s (IPC) timely intervention ensured handing over of the FIFA Football House to the Normalisation Committee (NC) on Saturday.

On the special instructions of IPC Minister Dr Fahmida Mirza, the Ministry officials pursued the case with the Punjab government, making it realise the urgency of the matter. “Under the special instructions of the Minister who wanted early handing over of the FIFA House back to the Normalisation Committee, we on daily basis pursued the matter with the Punjab government,” a Ministry official said. “Only a few days back, on the instruction of the IPC Minister we wrote a letter to the Punjab Home Secretary, telling the provincial government how important it is to hand over the FIFA House to the NC. We are thankful to the Punjab government for realising the importance of the matter,” he said.

Later the IPC Minister in a tweet said, “I congratulate football family and football fans on the return of FIFA House to the NC. We are looking forward to the early restoration of Pakistan’s FIFA membership, hence the start of international activities. We would provide all support to NC for free and transparent elections of football in the country.”

NC chief Haroon Malik said in a tweet, “Congratulation to the football family on the return of FIFA House. The FIFA, NC recognizes and lauds the contribution of Dr Fahmida Mirza in achieving this momentous milestone. We thank the entire football family for the support. It is now time to move forward together.”

Chairman NC said that the international ban on Pakistan would be over soon. “Now we would hold free and fair elections, ensuring the return of PFF to an elected body.”

Haroon held a series of meeting with Punjab government officials over the possession of FIFA House in Lahore. Both federal and Punjab governments are really supporting the cause, he said.

It has been almost two and half years since the FIFA appointed the NC, which has been recomposed. Its job is to hold free and fair football elections in Pakistan. Yet, no concrete steps have so far been taken.

The first group of NC took over a year, just passing time. The second headed by Haroon has also consumed over a year now without any concrete results.

The NC’s contention was that the roadmap could only be shared once it got FIFA House possession. Now that the FIFA House is back with NC one expects that free and fair Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) elections will be conducted within the next six months.