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Sindh govt asked to bring Naukot culprits to justice

By Zia Ur Rehman
February 17, 2022

KARACHI: A fact-finding committee comprising rights activists urged the Sindh government to bring to justice the perpetrators involved in the kidnapping and rape of the two girls in the Naukot area and facilitate a fair trial to create a sense of security in the province, especially among the communities living in Mirpurkhas district.

Chief Minister’s Special Assistant on Human Rights Surendar Valasai had formed a fact-finding committee. The committee was headed by Kashif Bajeer, while Noorunissa Abro and Samtra Manjiani were its members.

The committee’s members visited the area and met parents of the victims, community leaders, and various stakeholders to probe the incident. “The incident took place in the backdrop of a dispute between the Tangri and the Rajput communities of the district over a free-will marriage,” the report said. The report said a man belonging to the Rajput family married a woman from the Tangri community. “Following this, people from the Tangri community took revenge by kidnapping the girls of the Rajput community,” the report said. “But after meeting the affected girls after their recovery, the community realised that they had been sexually abused by the Tangri community”.

The committee observed if the police had taken immediate steps to recover the girls, the incidents of rape could have been prevented. The committee said ASI Gulzar Tangri should be investigated and remain in police custody for the time being so that he does not influence the case. The committee also suggested authorities share the victims’ DNA report with the public and police should not give in to the pressure of local landlords and other influential people.