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Artefacts discovered during excavation in Mansehra

By Our Correspondent
February 08, 2022

MANSEHRA: The Hazara University has discovered coins, utensils and other important artefacts during excavation at the Fort Feroza in the Gullibagh the capital of the last Turk King Sultan Mahmood Khurd.

The Hazara University’s Archaeology Department started excavation at the Fort Feroz, with the Higher Education Commissions financial assistance last month. The excavation, which is still underway at the ancient site in Mansehra district, is being undertaken by the varsity Archaeology Department with the administrative support of the Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Department of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government Peshawar.

“This city known as Gullibagh witnessed fall and rise four times as it was occupied and then destroyed and re-emerged as a city,” Dr Shakar, the head of the HU’s Archaeology Department, said.

He said that it was such an ancient site that infused a great interest in Archaeologists and art historians. “This is known history of the late medieval Muslim period as mentioned by the famous court historian of Mughal (Abu Al Fazl) and remain under the Turk rulers of Pakhli (AD 1495 to 1773),” Dr Shakar said. He said that monuments included a court building where the last king used to hold trails and Sat Darwazon Wali Ziarat, a well and Baradari still existed there but in a highly dilapidated condition.

Dr Shakar said that current excavation was initiated on one of the highest points inside the fort to establish a proper profile of the occupation level of the site. He said that findings there were floor levels with rich human activities, like pot shards, charcoals, bones with a few coins of Turk king Shahjehan era and seal. “This is a great opportunity for training the young faculty, researchers and students of Archaeology,” Dr Shakar said.