Friday August 12, 2022

Time to invest more in science, technology: seminar

By Our Correspondent
January 28, 2022

LAHORE: Punjab University (PU) Vice-Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmad has stressed the need to invest more and more in science and technology as no nation can survive without making advancement in the field of technology; he was addressing a special seminar on international geo-political situation on Thursday.

According to a press release, eminent political scientist and former professor of PU’s Department of Political Science Prof Qazalbash was the keynote speaker while the deans and heads of various departments participated in the seminar.

Addressing the seminar, Prof Niaz Ahmad said that there was a need to act in all the disciplines of life just like we act in the state of emergency for the development of the country. He said that every Pakistani must play his/her role with honesty.

Highlighting various features of global politics, Prof Qazalbash said that we needed to resolve our issues by ourselves. He said that if our issues would be resolved by the foreign powers, then we must be ready for slavery.

He said that no one could speak against Israel in the US and many professors and students were expelled from universities who spoke in favour of Palestine. He said that the US had 800 bases around the world and could attack any country within 10 minutes. However, he said, the military might of the US can’t keep his role as world leader intact.

He said that Pakistan was also an important country on the world map but she was not behaving like a nuclear state and she had not decided to play the role of a leader. Later, a question answer session was also held in which the participants discussed the role of Muslim world as well.