Sunday May 22, 2022

Hollow claims

January 28, 2022

This refers to the news report ‘Foreign funding case: Hospital donors unaware their donations siphoned off to PTI’ (Jan 27). With this comprehensive report, there is not much left to analyse but to hope and expect the PTI to come out clean. Using a hospital’s donation funds for political campaigns violates the country’s laws regarding funding. Those who are responsible for it should be published. The PTI, which was founded as a movement for ‘justice’, should ensure fairness in its dealings. Otherwise, its claims that it aims at rooting out large-scale corruption from public offices will seem hollow.

The PTI has little time to get back some of the reputation it has lost due to unsatisfactory governance. It defeats the purpose to claim that PTI Chairman Imran Khan is not corrupt and has always been clean when he is surrounded by people who are involved in some wrongdoings.

Anas A Khan

Edmonton, Canada