Sunday May 22, 2022

Dacoits kill two boys over ‘spying’ in katcha area of Sukkur

By Our Correspondent
January 27, 2022

SUKKUR: Dacoits killed two youths in Baghiriji of Katcha area in Sukkur on Wednesday. Reports said the dacoits shot dead two young men, identified as Aleem, s/o Allah Dino, and Shoaib, s/o Shamim Ghumro, in the limits of the Baghiriji Katcha area in Sukkur, when they were working in their field. The Katcha criminals after killing both managed to escape from the scene. The parents claimed that the dacoits killed their sons on suspicion of spying for the police. A year ago, a dacoit of Jatoi clan was killed by Sukkur Police and the dacoits suspected that the Ghumra tribe was behind the killing.