Wednesday June 29, 2022

PPP to wipe out PTI’s ‘political garbage’ on Feb 27: Bilawal

January 27, 2022
PPP to wipe out PTI’s ‘political garbage’ on Feb 27: Bilawal

LARKANA: Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has pledged that he will wipe clean all the political garbage that has been collected in the federal capital for last some years on Feb 27, besides launching people-friendly schemes and policies like establishing free hospitals, and giving property rights to slum dwellers in Sindh and across the country after winning the next general elections.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board's project in Larkana, Chairman PPP said that like every other city in the country, there are problems of garbage and waste disposal in Larkana too. He blamed the problem on the rising population without a reciprocal increase in the number of staff in the relevant departments.

Chairman Bilawal said that from the time of Quaid-e-Awam till now, the number of sanitary workers has remained unchanged. The mayors and local bodies made all efforts but the amount of garbage and filth generated was too large to be managed.

He said the same holds good for Karachi which is facing similar problems. But “the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board has been directed to gear up and address the problem of waste disposal in Karachi."

He said whenever our people try to manage a problem, there is an improvement. He said even though Karachi has a large population, but the waste management has improved drastically after Murtaza Wahab became the administrator of the city.

In Larkana, we are also hopeful of a quick turnaround in the waste disposal; the plan is to collect garbage from individual homes and dispose of it directly at the dumping site, said chairman PPP. But this will only be possible if the people cooperate. He said that PPP will launch an awareness campaign in Larkana to inspire the citizens to have a stake in running the city.

“If you cooperate, we will make Larkana clean again,” he added. “Even if the citizens do not cooperate, the municipal staff will do their best, but our mission is to remain united and work together,” he added.